If you want to have even a HOPE of convincing me to buy your product, answer your survey, or donate some money DO NOT use a computer to phone me up to five times a day. DO NOT think it's okay to leave me waiting for much longer than ten seconds (or more) for a human being to come on the line and tell me why you've been harassing me. DO NOT hang up on me when I ask you to speak up because I can't hear you over my screaming baby. And finally, after you've hung up on me, DO NOT try to tell me that there must have been another reason why the last one of your cronies hung up on me.

'Cause seriously. I'll go off on you. And I promise. The next time I won't even be this nice. This was just a warm up.

(I have no idea why any company or charity would think that computer phone calls would make them any money. They just piss me off times one hundred. And after I get about twenty of them with nothing but silence on the other side I am practically guaranteed to tell them off without even the benefit of a "Could you speak up please?" You would think they'd figure out that they get better results when they use actual human beings to phone their victims.)


  1. All I can say to that is AMEN!
    And I love the ones that tell you that they aren't "selling" anything. They just want you to buy something.

  2. Here, here Becky, I truly wish your post could be heard by people who need to read it. A few years ago a woman (from Egypt??) called and asked for Geoff. Except that she asked for "Geee-off", I was alredy ticked off for the same reasons you state here and told her the correct pronunciation was "Jeff"...she started to debate it with me...that's when I hung up.

  3. Hahahaha! Amen. Where is Angela when you need her?


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