Five Years Ago

I remember that at this time, five years ago today, I'd made it to around nine centimeters. Everything was moving so fast. We were all sure I'd have my baby boy within the next few hours... And around twelve endless and agonizing hours later...
(Actually, this picture was probably taken closer to fourteen hours later, since I didn't get to meet him till a few hours after he was born.) Look at all his hair! And look at how puffy my fingers are! All that fluid... No wonder they make you take off your rings.

In this picture I was still totally stoned and only mostly conscious. I don't even remember it being taken. All I can remember are brief flashes... Glen walking in with him, me being shocked by his thick dark hair, the weight of him in my arms FINALLY, and the nurse helping me to nurse him for the first time. It sucks to have missed so much of his first hours, but I'm glad that I can at least remember the first time I saw him. In my opinion, planned c-sections are definitely better than emergency ones mostly for that reason, but I'd do the whole thing all over again ten times if that's what I had to do to get my Benjamin.

Happy Birthday buddy. Your mommy loves you more than words could ever say, and she's so glad that five years ago you changed her life forever by coming into this world to be her Benjamin.


  1. How beautiful. Not the being stoned part. :) But the fact that you have Ben in your life. Being a parent changes everything. It is crazy. But so good. Happy Birthday Benjamin!

  2. So sweet. Tell Benjamin Happy Birthday from me!

  3. His hair is so dark!!! I forgot about that. Happy Birthday sweet little Ben. It's been fun watching you grow.

  4. I forgot how much hair he had. I remember the first time I saw him. I fell in love. He was and still is adorable. Happy birthday Ben.

  5. You make me cry, your fair haired little angel had hair like that? Incredible...and so cute! Happy Belated Birthday Ben!

  6. I can't believe how dark his hair was. Or (and maybe this is the angle of the picture) how big his head was!! Maybe I'm just seeing everything through my "imminent birth approaching" colored glasses.

    He's beautiful though. Love the photo and the post.


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