Happy Birthday Little Hannah Banana!

I can't believe it's already been a whole month! It feels like she just got here and it's already time for her one month photo shoot. You can see that she really enjoyed it and was very excited about the banana cream pie that she can't eat. (Actually, I got a few nicer shots, but only because I persevered through quite a few shots like these. Poor thing. And she has a whole lifetime of posing in front of her.)

Anyways, I have to say, I don't remember ever enjoying a newborn as much as I'm enjoying Hannah. I think it's all about placement. With Ben, everything was so new and overwhelming. It was hard to really enjoy him because everything seemed to be happening so fast and I really had no idea what I was doing. With Sam, suddenly I had to adjust to being the mommy of more than one child. It was hard to really enjoy him because, aside from the fact that he cried a LOT, I wasn't used to dividing my time and attention between both boys and frankly, most of my time with him I spent feeling guilty that Ben was being neglected. But with Hannah, I'm used to having more than one child that needs me during the day. I also know that she's probably my last baby and that just makes it so much easier to remember to cherish every minute with her. I wish I'd been able to do that more with the boys, but that's life I guess. They don't say live and learn for no good reason.

The other thing that makes it easier to enjoy Hannah is how much the boys enjoy her. When I brought Sammy home, Ben was only two. He was too little to really be interested in Sammy as anything other than a novelty. Ben and Sam just love Hannah. (Some of Sam's loving is completely just him mimicking Ben, but that doesn't change the fact that he is enjoying her.) I love watching them with her... Holding her, kissing her, telling her "It's all right Hannah! Don't cry!" (Ben), or "Uhhhhh! Hannah! Calm down!" (Sam). All three of them are adorable, and all three of them together? Too cute to even begin to describe with words.

So, Happy Birthday little Hannah! Today I've been thinking about something Ben said about you before you were born when we were both wishing for a little girl just like you. He said you'd give him "a big smile in (his) big heart," and that's just what you do every day. You make all of us very happy, so cheer up. The photo shoot is over and Mommy promises not to bug you with another one for at least another day.


  1. Congrats Hannah! Btw, not sure about the weekend. Mother's Day celebrations are that day. Too bad. Would have like to see your little angel!

  2. I'm glad to see she really enjoyed her picture shoot. Reminds me of Sammy in the fall shoot.
    So cute!
    BTW, sometime before she is 12 I need your address. (Actually, before she is 3 months would be good.)
    Send it to mineownmineown@aol.com. Thanks so much!

    She seriously makes me laugh! Happy Birthday, Hannah!

    And Happy Mother's Day to you, Beck! You're a wonderful example of what it means to be a good mom... so casual and affectionate, and loving... unbelievably loving. And organized and fun. You seem to have it all together. Have a great day tomorrow!
    Love, Ang

  4. I love comparing how the boys take such different approaches in trying to sooth Hannah. LOL That just cracks me up!


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