Itsy Bitsy

Oh man. Those two crack me up. (Plus, aren't they just the cutest?)


  1. yes..yes ...yes..they are the cutest!!

    I like the "shhhhh" moment..and the "up came the rain"...

    love it!!

    THAT made my day..

    tks Becky..
    tks Sam & Ben..
    you are the cutest...

  2. I loved the shh-ing too. And that he looked annoyed at having his moment taken, but not really enough to do anything other than shush Ben and then quietly watch him finish the song. Good times.

  3. That was precious1 What funny kidlets you have!

  4. You have adorable boys, I must admit I half exected Sam to do a little more after the "shushing" but good for him he refrained :). Thanks for posting it hearing your giggles too :).

  5. What a pair! What cracks me up is how at the end of it all they just sort of saunter off.


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