Sleeping Beauty

Here are some sleeping recommendations to reduce the risk of SIDS:

- Place infants to sleep on their backs.
- Place infants to sleep in a baby bed with a firm mattress. There should be nothing in the bed but the baby. No covers, no pillows, no bumper pads, no positioning devices and no toys.
- Do not place your baby to sleep in an adult bed.
- Do not sleep with your infant.

And here are some pictures of Hannah's favorite sleeping positions:
This is her number one favorite way to sleep... (Unless you count sleeping on a person.) On her tummy in her vibrating chair. It's how she's sleeping right now, and it's why I have time to post in the middle of the afternoon with no Glen around to pass her off to.
I'm pretty sure if your baby isn't even supposed to have a blanket in bed with them, that a blanket completely covering the her head is a total no-no. (She did this. Not me, and not the boys. And when I pulled it off she woke up and cried.) She is on her back here though, so that's something.
Here she manages to break four rules in one shot. On an adult bed, with someone else, near a whole lot of blankets and comforters, and on her stomach.
Here she is actually sleeping on her back. But she's on a pillow. A down filled pillow. That's the only way she'll tolerate being on her back for an extended period of time. Of course, it also helps that part of her is on a person. And that person had just finished nursing her.
I'm pretty sure upside down sleeping has to be a no-no too. Sigh.

I have to tell you, it's really hard to force your baby to lie on her back when you know that she'll only sleep for a half hour or so like that, but if you put her on her stomach you might get a five hour sleep out of her. No one is sleeping very well here, and if they are you can bet it's because Hannah is on her stomach! (Don't worry. We're working on it.)


  1. What an absolutely adorable little baby. Hey, whatever works, right? Sleeping babies are beautiful. I really loved the first and last pictures. She looks super content.

  2. hahahaha I LOVE IT!! You do what you got to do. What an absolute doll!! I just want to cuddle her.

  3. WOW!! The cutest pictures ever! She's SO cute, Beck!... SOOOOOO CUTE!
    Did I tell you what my grandma said about tummy sleeping? ... heehee! just jokes! Trustin slept on the outside swing this aft for several hours on his belly, too... don't tell gramma!

  4. She's on her back right now people! The soother did it's job. Did you know they say soothers are another thing that can lower the risk of SIDS? So to all those nurses and health nurses telling us they're bad I say: Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

    (Of course, by next year, they'll be saying something completely different.)

  5. Becky, you have an adorable little baby are so right, if something works...go for it! You all need your sleep. Very cute pajamas by the look so thin all ready! When Austin was born he screamed his little head off in the hospital that night and I had to go through SOOO much red tape with the nurse to get a freakin was ridiculous, but it did the trick. :) (We didn't bring one because Josh HATED soothers and didn't think it would be necessary).

  6. That last picture of her on her face is just priceless. I can hardly wait to see her. And her brothers as well. You can come too.

  7. That's adorable! I love it.
    It bodes well with me that she's got a rebellious streak. She's gonna need it with two older brothers. Well done Hannah.

  8. She's just adorable! I've dealt with lots of babies and there are more than quite a few who like to sleep with their faces covered with a blanket. Glad to see she's already starting to color outside the lines.
    I'm thinking a soother is a binky?
    Mine that didn't take a binky sucked either fingers or thumbs. David had already sucked his finger while in the womb so much that he had a little callous. He continued after birth. I personally don't have issues with it. I figure if they are still sucking their thumb or a binky when they start dating it might be an issue, but otherwise, who cares?
    So many rules these days.

  9. OH, and I forgot. Because I nursed, all my babies slept with me until they slept through the night. (about three months).
    Shhhhh....don't tell.

  10. I am always afraid that if they sleep flat out on their back that they will aspirate if they spit up. How do the professionals address this problem?

  11. she's so cute!!!


  12. My kids were stomach sleepers...that was the only way we got any sleep around here! So all those nurses and experts can put that in their pipe and smoke it too!


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