Sold (For Real This Time)

I'm fairly certain that if we'd felt like waiting we could have got a bit more money, but by golly... I'm so glad it's sold. Just the thought of having to keep two yards mowed and tidy, plus all the little things that really needed fixing at the old house to get a top price... GBlen and I have just completely run out of energy for that stuff. So, as of June first, we'll only own one house again. Phew.

Being Becky though, I have to confess to feeling a little sad to see it go. I really did like this house. I know it still needed lots (and LOTS) of work, but it was a nice house. Our first house. (I don't count rentals.)

It's where Ben took some of his first steps and learned to talk. It's where he said things like, "Gonna goin inna caw?" and where he played with his grampa in those carefree days before we knew Dad had cancer and we took having him around for granted. It's where we brought Sam home from the hospital and where he spent the first months of his life crying his cute little head off. It's the place where the boys swam naked in the paddling pool and where Ben peed in my flower bed one sunny summer day. It's where I cried on my bed when I found out how sick Dad was, and where Ben put his little arms around me asking me why I was sad. It's where Sammy made me laugh hundreds of times and where we played "chase me!" back and forth between the kitchen and living room. So many happy days, lots of ordinary ones, and a few really sad ones, and I have trouble letting go of any of them. I don't like change, and letting go, so I'm sure the last day we lock the doors and drive out of the crumbling driveway I'll cry a little. But that's the way life goes... It's a series of greetings and goodbyes...

New house, old house. New life, old life. Hello, goodbye.


  1. That was sweet and it made me cry! When we first moved back over here from our Golden Given house Jeren was not quite five and he cried everytime we drove past the Golden Given house, which was nearly every day because I would forget to go a different way.
    He gets so attached to things. I have no idea where that comes from. It couldn't be from me, the person who still has her first communion purse after 52 years.

  2. First of all - congratulations on the sale!!

    I feel a little sad too. I have great memories of times in that house, and a lot of laughter in that back yard. And I feel a little weird about the fact that I currently don't know where you live. It's unsettling to me.

    I wish you LOTS more memories and laughs in your new place.

  3. AWW.. that was sweet, Beck. Congratulations on selling it, but I can understand the difficulty in letting go. To leave this parrot filled house would utterly have me sobbing.
    I can't wait to see you tomorrow so we can talk about life and change and see each other's babies outside the uterus... we've waited so long to meet them!!
    I love you!

  4. You guys are so sweet and sentimental. Maybe because we moved quite a bit when I was a kid and when John and I were first married I learned to take the house and all the memories with me in my head. I actually like moving to new places. It is fun to see all the possibilities in the new place and turn it into a place of our own. I would move tomorrow if I got a place that had better possibilities. Maybe I am strange. Angerama: You could always take the parrots with you. Goodness knows I would take my chicken collection with me. No way could I leave that behind.

  5. Congratulations on the sale of your house! I know it's hard, that was nice what you wrote...I hope writing that helped in some way to say good bye. When we moved Geoff and I felt sentimental too but we agreed that our memory makers (the kids) were the best thing we ever "got" out of that house:). Hugs to you all.

  6. Yah! on the sale of your house.

    I feel the same way about our house. We have lived here for almost 26 years most of our life as a family was spent in this house. I think I could leave it but it wouldn't be easy.

  7. Way to go guys. Glad to see it gone. I won't miss it much. There are a lot of good memories, but I will always have those, and the work required to make it great was just to much.

  8. Congrats! I totally get what you mean. It's hard leaving, but the excitement of new for me overpowers.


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