I'm not having a very good day today. I wish it was sunny. Somehow when things are sunny, everything seems a little easier to take. I'm cleaning the house to try to make things feel better, but it's not helping.

What's wrong? Oh, lots of dumb things contributing to make everything seem worse than it is.

First of all, I'm getting a little frustrated with my inability to remember things. These are the things I've forgotten in just the last week:
  • I forgot to go to the ladies' birthday dinner at my church. I was totally planning on it. I could have used a night out. I didn't remember it till the next day.
  • I forgot to bring a medium sized gift bag to Ben's preschool on Thursday.
  • I forgot to bid on something I really wanted to buy off of ebay. Of course, I remembered the auction about a half an hour after it ended.
  • I forgot to pay my mom for Mother's Day presents for my Grammas.
  • I forgot to bank Hannah's cord blood. (This didn't happen last week of course, but since I just realized that I forgot it last week, it feels like it just happened.)
  • I forgot to pick up a baby sling that a friend of mine offered to lend me on my way out of Saskatoon on Sunday.
  • I forgot to pick up a nursing pillow that another friend offered on my way out of Martensville that same day.
  • And to top it all off: I forgot to take Ben to his Kindergarten registration this morning. Once again, I was totally planning on going. I even had everything out and ready to go last night. I didn't remember this morning till the school called wondering where we were. Nice. Now the teacher has to do a special registration just for us and Ben misses out on meeting all his little classmates.
Aside from all the forgetting, Hannah won't let me put her down for longer than five or so minutes at a time. It's getting tiring. That sling sure would have helped.

And the boys are sick. It's just colds, but there are boogers everywhere and they are grumpy and whiny and coughing all over the place. Plus, because they have colds, no one is sleeping very well. I seriously don't need the boys getting up three or more times in a night when Hannah is doing the same thing at different times. I'm thrashed.

And I can't take Ben to preschool today, (one of his last days ever) because of all the people bringing their sick kids to school. And not just sick with colds. Sick with strep throat. I don't understand it, and I find it upsetting.

On the upside, I just hanged my mind about the weather. As I was writing this post it started to thunder and lightening. I love thunder storms and I find rain soothing. Gloomy weather is completely different than stormy weather in my books. I'm going to go light some candles and open some windows to let in the rain smell. Then I'll try to get the boys to take a nap while I hold Hannah (of course, what else would I do with her?) on the couch and watch some taped episodes of House Hunters.

Later I'm going to go buy a sling online, because I am really getting tired of listening to that little girl cry while I do stuff like posting.

(Sammy just noticed the rain/snow/hail. He said, "Oh no, we gotta get our brellas!")


  1. Sorry you're having such a bad day. Glad that it's looking up! I'm totally jealous of your thunderstorm!!!

    I would suggest getting a wrap carrier instead of a sling! It distributes the weight evenly and can save your back and shoulders a lot of pain in the long run! They take a couple tries to get used to, but once you have the hang of how to put it on, they are heaven!!!

  2. Also, I wish I could come and hold your little baby for you for a bit! Even though, I discovered at your shower, that holding sad crying babies makes my chest think about 8 weeks into the future!!

  3. I wish I was there to hold your little sweetie and to hear the thunder and see the lightning.

  4. Oh Honey, look at all you have are exhausted!! You can't remember these things because you are just plain exhausted! You aren't completely recovered have just done one of God's most amazing things...brought another life into the world, and she didn't just pop out like a little sack of gummy bears...they had to take her out via major surgery...honey, give yourself a break!! Gosh, I wish I was there to wipe the boys noses, hold Hannah and order you into the tub for a bubble bath! Honey they say it takes two years to recover from giving birth and being pregnant, so just get a T-shirt that says "Go ahead; tell me something important - I'm a new mom - just don't leave the fate of the world in my hands"...give yourself two years before you start feeling disapointed in what you "can't" or "should" be doing. I love you Sweetie!!

  5. No wonder you are forgetting everything. Maybe if you could get some decent sleep!!!!! Anyway...Sam is so cute. It is so funny how when you are feeling down the kids can say something funny and then the sun comes out again.

  6. No wonder you are forgetting everything. Maybe if you could get some decent sleep!!!!! Anyway...Sam is so cute. It is so funny how when you are feeling down the kids can say something funny and then the sun comes out again.

  7. LOL. Mom? Did you forget that you posted a comment? Is that why it's there twice?

  8. I have no idea how that happened. I think Blogger is trying to play tricks on me! I only hit publish once! Really and truly!!!


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