What I've Been Doing Lately

Hannah is still in her "don't put me down EVER" phase, which means I'm still doing a lot of things one-handed. One thing I can do really well with one hand is use a mouse, and I can nurse Hannah with the other. This works out well for playing games like Farm Town on facebook. I really only started playing because Mom and Dad and Shirley were doing it and wanted me to do it so I guess I have them to thank for the hours of contented nursing that I've been enjoying.Actually, doing something because everyone else is doing it ends up producing positive results for me most of the time. It's why I started playing Farm Town. And why I started watching Grey's. And it's why I wear clothes most of the time. So really, sometimes peer pressure is a good thing don't cha think?

(The picture is of me hanging out with some friends on Farm Town. Good times.)

(Hi John.)


  1. Hi Becky

    Thanks for mentioning me.


  2. Hey have you tried out your sling? Or did you get a wrap?

  3. Ahahahahahahaha!!!

    You got people to pose and then took a picture of them on the computer!

    Only you would ever do that!

  4. lol I LOVE it. You really captured my good side...

  5. Hmmmm....resisting urge to check out farmtown. I have so much to do online already.
    Looks like a good way to pass time while one handed, though!

  6. Lol How did you get that picture? So funny. The other night some guy named Hunter was being a jerk to everybody in the market so I typed in: "DOG PILE ON HUNTER!" Everybody did. Funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

    Come on Mo! Come on over to the dark side. LOL

  7. What an addicting game.'

    the dog pile is hilarious! Gonna have to try that one


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