Pour Vous

What's that you say? It's Father's Day and you don't have a gift from us? You're feeling let down and as though you can't possibly enjoy your day without something nifty from me and Sammy to say how special you are to us? You're wishing with all your heart that you had some token of our affection and devotion? Sheesh. You're so needy. Well... All right then. Here you go:
Happy Father's Day Grampa and Daddy.
We love you.


  1. Great photo's. Yes I am that needy. These pics remind me of their mother.

  2. Very cute!
    Man... is Ben ever changing. He looks like a skater boy now! CRAZY! But SOOOOO good-lookin'!!

    Happy Father's Day Glen and Grampa John!

  3. man your boys are cute. Cute Cute Cute.

  4. Great photos!! Becky could you do me a favor and update the link on your blogroll? I've moved to http://leighish.wordpress.com

    :D Thanks and I hope to talk to you soon!


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