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Sales Pitch

Today I was in the washroom brushing my teeth when Ben took a break from watching TV to come to me and make a simple request:

Ben: Mommy you know what I want?
Me: What do you want Benny?
Ben: I want a chopper thing. (Nodding his head and gesturing in his typical sincere Ben way.)
Me: A chopper thing?
Ben: Yes. (More sincere full body nods.)
Me: What kind of chopper thing? (I'm picturing some kind of Matchbox toy that cars drive through and get "chopped".)
Ben: It's like a chopper... ??? It chops up food like this? (More nodding and some chopping gestures. I suddenly realize that he's asking for one of these.)
Me: Ohhhhhhhhh... (Starting to laugh.)
Ben: (Very serious.) It's so easy even kids can use it!!!
Me: (Hysterical laughter. Toothpaste spraying everywhere.)

When you live with kids it's inevitable that every now and then you will end up wishing that you could video tape every moment of their lives so that moments like this one could be replayed over and over. Oh…

Why Little Brothers Are A Pain

Overheard at breakfast today...

Ben: I have some bad news and some good news Sammy.
Sam: What's the fuffy news?
Ben: I don't have any fuffy news! Just bad news and good news!
Sam: Well I have fuffy news.
Ben:(Sighs in frustration.) What's the fuffy news?
Sam: Fuffy fuffy.

LOL. Poor Ben.

So Sam Thinks He Can Dance.

I do too. He's awesome. Check it out. This is the best he can do:

And They're Off

Mom and Dad left today for Seattle by way of Vancouver Island. (They are visiting some family on the island before they go on to Seattle on August 17th.) As it was last time, it's hard HARD HARD to say goodbye for four months of treatment, but we'll make it. I'd say "It'll be over before we know it," but that's just being silly. It'll drag by and nothing will feel quite right until they are home again.

So, as usual, we covet your prayers. Sometimes it's easier for us to push aside our fear and sadness and stress, but it's there and our family is under a great deal of strain. Cancer is so hard... SO hard, and it takes away so much from all of us. Please don't stop praying for us all through the months ahead, and of course, especially for my mom and dad. Pray that this transplant does what it's supposed to do so that we can be together again soon and well on the way to getting back to normal. (Or as close as our family can get. Heh heh.)