And They're Off

Mom and Dad left today for Seattle by way of Vancouver Island. (They are visiting some family on the island before they go on to Seattle on August 17th.) As it was last time, it's hard HARD HARD to say goodbye for four months of treatment, but we'll make it. I'd say "It'll be over before we know it," but that's just being silly. It'll drag by and nothing will feel quite right until they are home again.

So, as usual, we covet your prayers. Sometimes it's easier for us to push aside our fear and sadness and stress, but it's there and our family is under a great deal of strain. Cancer is so hard... SO hard, and it takes away so much from all of us. Please don't stop praying for us all through the months ahead, and of course, especially for my mom and dad. Pray that this transplant does what it's supposed to do so that we can be together again soon and well on the way to getting back to normal. (Or as close as our family can get. Heh heh.)

On the up side, I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing a lot more in the way of blog posts on here over the next while. Don't get too excited though, most of them will probably be written to entertain my parents, and be pretty much all about my kids.


  1. You write what you want, becky and I will read it. i love reading your blog, no matter what you write about.

  2. I second what Aunt Margaret said. Love reading your blogs.

  3. I've been waiting to see more pictures of the little princess, so you go girl - post away!

    And yes, I will be praying. I can't even imagine how hard this is for all of you. Love you.

  4. I'm praying too. It will be neat to see your mom and dad when they're here - it's been forever.

  5. Does this mean they are planning on being home for Christmas? I sure hope so for you all. I will definitely pray for your parents and for you all.
    Whenever you get the time or energy to blog for your parents Becky, that is awesome, just glad you don't mind me reading it :).

  6. Thought of you today and tuned in to see how things are rolling in your world. Lots has happened.
    Call me sometime! (and you have my prayers whenever you need them!)

  7. It's been two weeks. Where are all your funny anecdotes about your adorable children that you were writing for your mom and dad that I was planning on "eavesdropping" (blogsdropping? nope, sounds dirty) on.

    Seriously, I'm on bedrest. You could blog every four hours and I'd read every one. Your parents would love it!

  8. My parents have no internet... But just for you I put up a new post.

  9. The cancer alliance has wireless so I can catch up while dad has his appointments. ha!


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