Sales Pitch

Today I was in the washroom brushing my teeth when Ben took a break from watching TV to come to me and make a simple request:

Ben: Mommy you know what I want?
Me: What do you want Benny?
Ben: I want a chopper thing. (Nodding his head and gesturing in his typical sincere Ben way.)
Me: A chopper thing?
Ben: Yes. (More sincere full body nods.)
Me: What kind of chopper thing? (I'm picturing some kind of Matchbox toy that cars drive through and get "chopped".)
Ben: It's like a chopper... ??? It chops up food like this? (More nodding and some chopping gestures. I suddenly realize that he's asking for one of these.)
Me: Ohhhhhhhhh... (Starting to laugh.)
Ben: (Very serious.) It's so easy even kids can use it!!!
Me: (Hysterical laughter. Toothpaste spraying everywhere.)

When you live with kids it's inevitable that every now and then you will end up wishing that you could video tape every moment of their lives so that moments like this one could be replayed over and over. Oh man. Make sure you watch the ad on the link. I can see how it would have appealed to Ben. After all, it promises that you will have an exciting life!

I actually have one. (A gift.) I'll have to pull it out for Ben tomorrow and we'll see if it's as easy as it promises. It's already made my life more exciting.


  1. Poll: Do you think "You're gonna love my nuts" was on purpose?

    (If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the commercial.)

  2. hahahaha I caught that as well...totally on purpose. Totally.

  3. I see that commercial about 10 times a day. Teletoon Retro has a very limited amount of commercials. Noah is convinced that we need not just a juicer but a "Super-Juicer by Sharper Image". That's how he says it EVERY TIME. And when he sees the real ShamWOW! in Wal-Mart he gets all excited.

    He also wants the SlapChop. He told me that I can have the Graty. And his favorite part of the commercial is when the guy throws the other chopper over his shoulder and it lands in the sink. Noah starts laughing like crazy.

  4. LOL....too funny. It must be the delivery that the kids like. They talk so fast and make everything look like you couldn't live without it. I haven't seen these commercials myself except the one in Becky's blog, but they remind me of the old medicine hawkers at the circus in the old days. haha.

  5. Eeeeew! Totally on purpose. That guy gives me the creeps especially after the whole brouhaha with the prostitute thing.

    Did you notice how hard it was to navigate out of there? I thought for a minute that I was not going to get back here until I bought a Slap Chop.

    I can see the boys wanting this. What is not to like. It involves slapping away at something and violence to food.

    Becky, put small pieces into the chopper. Maybe he will get the hang of it and you can get out of chopping stuff. One can hope.

  6. Pretty snazzy... almost convinced me to buy one. Almost, but not quite...

  7. ha ha ha i have full intentions of it.

  8. Ethan wants one too! He can pretty much tell me the entire commercial from Cartoon Retro. Kids are so amazing!


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