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Urgent Prayer Request: UPDATED

Dad's low blood pressure continues to cause problems. The doctors feel that it may be because his arteries were hardened by the cancer. They are giving him a medication that may be able to repair some of that damage and raise his blood pressure. This medication NEEDS TO WORK. If it doesn't he will have to go back into ICU to receive a drug that will raise his blood pressure, but that is not a long term solution, and without a long term solution they can't do dialysis and obviously his heart will eventually shut down.

We need a miracle here.

UPDATE: (From my mom.)

As you know, we have had a very scary week so I am so happy to tell you that John has had a good day. His blood pressure has not been a problem while on the dialysis machine to get some more of the accumulation of fluid off of him. Pray that this trend continues.

John was up today and took a walk with the guy from physical therapy. He is weak and his back and hip hurt due to hardly being able to stick his big toe out …

This Makes Me Laugh

I seriously LOL every time I watch this:

(For some dumb reason, the video isn't consistently showing up on here... ??? Try hitting refresh and if that doesn't work click here to watch it.)

I Still Can't Think of a Title

I posted this over on Dad's blog, but I thought I'd post it here for any of you not on facebook and who may not check his site every day...So, not a great day. Not even a blah day. Just a day that I can't even find a word to express how much I wish that it wasn't like this.

(Please bear with me, I'm going to try to explain things as close to how Mom explained them to me as I can, but... Well, I'm doing my best. Hopefully I remember it all right.)

I think it started out all right. The doctors said that he didn't have a clot in his leg. There was no pain or redness and the other leg started doing it a little too, so it is obviously something else. So that's good.

He has a touch of pneumonia I guess, but he's on antibiotics, so I don't think anyone is too worried about that. I don't think he has a fever or anything. But he was out of breath, and his blood pressure was low, so one of his doctors decided to do an ECG to see how his heart was doing. …

AHHHH! Everyone run for your lives!!!

Apparently, this guy got released by accident in Regina a couple of weeks ago. The resulting panic is tickling my funny bone, I have to admit. Especially the uproar over the public not being notified for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! Oh noOOOoooOOOooo!

LOL. Seriously. LOL.

If you haven't read the story already, here's what he was in for: assaulting a police officer, failure to appear, breach of probation, and mischief charges. Scary stuff! I'll admit, assaulting a police officer sounds bad, but let's all just take a deep breath and maybe have a popsicle or something.

The story could be as simple as this. Guy is drunk. Guy makes mischief in bar. Bar calls police. Police try to remove guy and calm him down. Guy spits on police, or even, GASP! throws a drunken punch. Guy then gets arrested and sentenced with a teeny bit of time in jail and then is let out on parole. Guy is still an idiot and breaks his parole and then doesn't show up for another trial. Admittedly, I don't kno…


Hannah's blog has been up for a while now, it's just not really what I want it to be. What I wanted was to grow some sweet peas and then have a sunny and pretty photo shoot of her lying on the grass surrounded by them. I bought the seeds and everything. I just never got around to planting them. So Hannah's blog stayed on hold. Till now.

My mom is no longer willing to wait till I get everything looking just how I'd like it to look, so I put up the link in my sidebar today. I think I give up and the blog is just going to have to be what it is. If you've never worked on one, blog templates take a lot of time to get just right. (For instance, I know Carrie worked on my blog for hours and hours, and some of you who use Windows Explorer are still not seeing it how it's supposed to look.) Since I can't even seem to find enough time to update all the blogs I could update, I think I'm going to have to settle for what I have as far as how Hannah's blog looks. …


This post could also be titled:
Why you should never let your kids dig underwater holes at the beach.

Crutches would seem like a much better idea if Hannah would stop being so lazy and walk where she needs to go instead of relying on me to carry her.

Frozen corn, not just a tasty side dish.

My fancy new treadmill is really going to come in handy over the next few weeks. (Or not.)
orAnother day, another color: The ever-changing vista of my ankle.

Of course, "Limping" is much more concise and, when it comes down to it, it manages to describe how I'm feeling all around much better anyways. It's not just the ankle, I'm a little down in the dumps I guess for some good reasons, and some dumb reasons, and some reasons that aren't even mine.

I've done this to my ankle quite a few times actually. Once I did it the first time (on a trampoline at Redberry Bible Camp in grade nine) it didn't take much to do it again. (I remember being on crutches a lot in High Sch…

Ben's First Day of School: The Return

He came back on the right bus. But let's back it up again so I can tell you about the rest of the day... Because I know lots of you were wondering.

After I left my sweet Benjamin at school I came home and called my mom. I felt better after that. But I also decided that I did not feel comfortable leaving Ben at school for lunch as planned without at least checking in on him. (Even though I was pretty sure he would be fine without me, I knew I wouldn't be.) So at lunch time, while Glen watched Sammy and Hannah, I drove to Ben's school.

I stood in the hallway outside his door and waited while Ben's teacher wrapped up the morning and started getting ready for noon hour. I listened to her cheerful directions while she helped the kids get their lunch kits, and while they helped her count out how many napkins they'd need for lunch in their sweet little voices, and while she sang a little prayer with them. And I felt myself steadily relaxing.

After the bell rang I stepped ju…

Ben's First Day of School: The Send Off

I put him on the wrong bus. Yes, I sent my sweet little five-year-old off on his first day of school on the wrong bus. But, let's "back the bus up" a little before I get into that.

I woke him up nice and early and sat him down for breakfast. He wanted a ham and mustard roll, and I talked him into having milk and some toast too. Then I helped him pick out his clothes. He picked his shark shirt to wear, mostly because I hid his new Transformers shirt. He can wear that next day. He's wearing sandals to school with socks, because I think bare feet at school (even if it's just walking from the shoe rack to his inside shoes in the classroom) is unsanitary. He got dressed and came upstairs to go to the bathroom so I could help him comb his hair.

His socks were pulled up as high as they could go. My sweet nerdy little man in his shorts and socks and sandals. Sigh. I encouraged him to skoink them down a little, which he was not impressed with at first because it felt funny,…