AHHHH! Everyone run for your lives!!!

Apparently, this guy got released by accident in Regina a couple of weeks ago. The resulting panic is tickling my funny bone, I have to admit. Especially the uproar over the public not being notified for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! Oh noOOOoooOOOooo!

LOL. Seriously. LOL.

If you haven't read the story already, here's what he was in for: assaulting a police officer, failure to appear, breach of probation, and mischief charges. Scary stuff! I'll admit, assaulting a police officer sounds bad, but let's all just take a deep breath and maybe have a popsicle or something.

The story could be as simple as this. Guy is drunk. Guy makes mischief in bar. Bar calls police. Police try to remove guy and calm him down. Guy spits on police, or even, GASP! throws a drunken punch. Guy then gets arrested and sentenced with a teeny bit of time in jail and then is let out on parole. Guy is still an idiot and breaks his parole and then doesn't show up for another trial. Admittedly, I don't know that much about the law, so maybe I'm way off base, but come on.

There are rapists and murderers running around who have never been caught at all. Ever. And then there are the molesters and violent offenders who got pathetic sentences and are out on parole stalking their next victims even as I write this. But let out one (or two) small time mischief making, police assaulting moron and... Eeeeeeeeeeeee! I don't feel safe anymore!

Granted. It's not good that the corrections system can't seem to keep track of their criminals. I will grant that. "Who will they let out next?" is a fair question. Although, I would imagine they would take more care with someone really dangerous, cause this guy? I'm thinking... Not that dangerous, just dumb, and probably pretty jazzed about his stroke of luck.

And to top it all off, just because the whole thing wasn't already funny enough, the picture of him that I got off of a news page? It's saved as "escapee_0.jpg". If they LET YOU GO does that count as escaping? "Ontheloose.jpg" would have been much more accurate. And also, why is it labeled with a "0". Are they planning on letting out more and they want to be able to use "escapee" again? Ha ha ha! I haven't laughed this hard since Ang said, "Whatever. You want me to roll this kid or what?"

Good way to end the day.


  1. I read that and thought the same thing. This is not the first time they have mistakenly let somebody loose and then called him an escapee. Boggles the mind but is funny.I bet that guy was laughing all the way to the bar.

  2. I love the file name. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in the justice system if they're actually planning ahead so that they can use "escapee" again....

  3. He looks familiar...like "Fez" from the 70's show or something...or like someone I went to school with...anyway, funny post Becky!

  4. I love it when you say "jazzed" lol


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