This post could also be titled:
  • Why you should never let your kids dig underwater holes at the beach.

  • Crutches would seem like a much better idea if Hannah would stop being so lazy and walk where she needs to go instead of relying on me to carry her.

  • Frozen corn, not just a tasty side dish.

  • My fancy new treadmill is really going to come in handy over the next few weeks. (Or not.)
  • Another day, another color: The ever-changing vista of my ankle.

Of course, "Limping" is much more concise and, when it comes down to it, it manages to describe how I'm feeling all around much better anyways. It's not just the ankle, I'm a little down in the dumps I guess for some good reasons, and some dumb reasons, and some reasons that aren't even mine.

I've done this to my ankle quite a few times actually. Once I did it the first time (on a trampoline at Redberry Bible Camp in grade nine) it didn't take much to do it again. (I remember being on crutches a lot in High School.) That's how life is though, isn't it? Once you've been hurt in a certain way, it's pretty likely that you'll find yourself hurt in the same way again with even the smallest stumbling block. (Or submerged hole in my case.) One minute you're walking along healthy and happy and the next minute you're ripped to shreds by... Whatever. And each time the recovery seems to take longer and is less complete. You find that part of yourself getting weaker and weaker and you never get back the strength you once took for granted.

But let's not talk about that right now. It's depressing. And really, not helpful... Focusing on an injury just makes it seem worse. And since I'm not in the mood to talk about the things that have me limping along, none of this is really making any sense to anyone but me is it?

So why the photos? Which are literally focussed in on something painful?

Mostly, I'm just putting them up so my mommy can come on here and see them and say something mommy-like and sympathetic, but also because I find this sort of thing ever so slightly fascinating. Painful, and irritating, but fascinating. See how on day one it just swelled in one localized lump? On day two it's just as swollen I think, only now it's all spread out and red. More puffy, less lumpy. I'm expecting some bruising for my day three photo instead of just the redness. We'll see. I don't bruise very easily so I'm trying to prepare myself to be disappointed.


  1. So sorry to hear of your injury. Will you have to have a cast or anything?

  2. Ouch! Nice job, boys! haha. It already looks bruised to me. Well, at least discolored. Hope it heals well!

  3. Oh MY boys didn't dig the hole. I actually have no idea how it got there. I just assumed it was some kids... But I see now that it sounds like it was Ben and Sam...

  4. only you, Beck... you poor girl! This happened to my great grandma this weekend, too (but because of a bug bite). She soaked her ankle in warm salty water and it really took the swelling down...

  5. How are you taking care of three kids like that ? My poor dear...I sincerely wished wee lived on the same street! Take good care of yourself!!!

  6. order out and teach your kids to load the dishwasher.


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