Urgent Prayer Request: UPDATED

Dad's low blood pressure continues to cause problems. The doctors feel that it may be because his arteries were hardened by the cancer. They are giving him a medication that may be able to repair some of that damage and raise his blood pressure. This medication NEEDS TO WORK. If it doesn't he will have to go back into ICU to receive a drug that will raise his blood pressure, but that is not a long term solution, and without a long term solution they can't do dialysis and obviously his heart will eventually shut down.

We need a miracle here.

UPDATE: (From my mom.)

As you know, we have had a very scary week so I am so happy to tell you that John has had a good day. His blood pressure has not been a problem while on the dialysis machine to get some more of the accumulation of fluid off of him. Pray that this trend continues.

John was up today and took a walk with the guy from physical therapy. He is weak and his back and hip hurt due to hardly being able to stick his big toe out of bed. They will come now daily to try to get him back to where he was before all of this.

Thank you all for praying!!! I can not express what this has meant to us. It gives us hope when there seems to be none.

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