Are you tired of shopping posts yet?

First things first, Shanna over at My Sweet Bowtique says that you can all have one free clippie with your order if you mention my blog, and I get three! Hurrah! Isn't that nice? I just wanted her to see the picture of Hannah all clippied up, so I sent her a link to my post and... VoilĂ ! Free clippies for all!

In other shopping news, I came across this at Superstore yesterday.

On sale. So I don't need it on my Christmas list anymore. (Since I obviously started reading it last night, and nine people are already dead. Brutal. How did I forget Stephen King writes horror?) But don't worry, I found something else. Actually, I can't believe I forgot about this. I need it. Obviously.


  1. Yay for a free clip!! I was planning on putting in my order for Chloe for Christmas today!

  2. Is there a time limit on the clips?

  3. I just put in my order!! I am so excited!! Chloe is in dire need of hair stuff! Hopefully I can wait until Christmas to give them to her!! Now I just need to make her a little clip holder with yarn hair like Amy and Leah used to have when we were little!

  4. Oh my gosh, that is super nice! I want clippies! :(

    Haha I've never read a Stephen King novel. I'm such a wimp. I don't like horror. At all.

    I still haven't watched Glee yet. D:

  5. So, I'm taking it that Glee is somewhat like a glee club? singing? or?

  6. You have great taste!! :)

    I remember when I used to read Stephen King all the time as a teenager...I should try going back to him and see if I still find him as fascinating. (That was back in the days of IT and The Stand.)

    Fun post!

    (Oh, and I LOVE Glee!)

  7. I'm putting in another clippie order. I'll mention you:)


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