I'm going to try REALLY hard here not to say a swear word.

I had a different post all ready. With pictures. Pictures like this:
They won. They won the frickin game. It was over. OVER! Argh.

Dumb penalties happen all the time. Dumb penalties that make us mad because they didn't have to happen. And we say, "Oh, if it wasn't for that penalty..." Maybe... ??? But this time. THIS TIME.

I just. I can't even.
Seriously. The only thing that makes this even a little bit better is that at least Dad wasn't here to see it. He would have been CHOKED. For weeks. Maybe months.

For crying out loud.


  1. He would have called the a bunch of stupid incompetent hacks and yes, he would have been choked for weeks.

  2. And oh ya, I was getting ready to drag out the Rider flag and blow up helmet and run down the street. Sigh... I had visions of other neighbors joining in.

  3. Ya I know, what a silly mistake!!! The riders need to fire their counting coach and get a new one cuz he screwed up bigtime. Those loser alouettes lost the game fair and square, they missed their kick!! They didn't deserve a second chance! Honestly, dumbest ending ever.

    And auntie chris I wish I could have seen you running up and down your street after them winning the game, in my imagination the scene is priceless!!

  4. @Leah and Chris...In my mind, too. What a sight that would have been.!
    Sorry your post didn't go as planned, Becky. I have had the same problem lately. Haha.

  5. Yup, that coach must feel as low as a horses you know what right now...what the ____ was he thinking?? "Yeah, I know this is a big game, but gosh I feel like picking my nose instead"...honestly...not that I saw him do that or anything....but really....the one and only time that my parents actually watch a sports event on TV and this is how it ends...your post is still good though Becky. Anytime you put up a picture of your kids; it's great!

  6. Please pardon my language and my ignorance for what really happened: according to Damien Cox, sports journalist for the Toronto Sun, it was the Rider's Jason Armstead. "At the last moment, however, Armstead, a six-year veteran, ran into the end zone, apparently missing the call by the team's coaching staff and leaving the Riders with too many players on the field."
    So sad...in the end it doesn't matter whose fault it is - its one for the history books now. I wouldn't want to be this Jason guy...he's going to have to move to New Zealand or something...

  7. I love this post, it makes me smile, even if your team lost in a hugely annoying way - that's lame.

    I love the picture of your boys.


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