Little Ben

My mom has been waiting a few weeks for me to put up a video of Ben learning to... I'd say crawl, but it wasn't really crawling. See for yourself...
This is Ben at around TEN months, finally figuring out how to get around. He's trying to get the vent covers, which is funny to me because over the next few years he would put many toys down that vent, actually down ALL the vents, no matter how many times we told him not to. For some reason, those vents always fascinated him.

And this is Ben stuck in the A-frame position. This happened a lot and was so funny, because the kid could NOT figure out how to just bend his knees to get out of it. (Hannah, on the other hand, loves the A-frame and has been going in and out of it for well over a month now with no problems. I should look back at the pictures, because actually, I think it's closer to two months.)

I know I'm very loud in both of these, but he was my first, and honestly, isn't he just the cutest little guy? Gosh, he was cute. I watched a whole bunch of videos of him at this age while I was looking for these ones and... He was just so cute.


  1. Yes he's adorable!! I love that A frame stand of his!!! Too funny!!

  2. Gosh he was cute. I remember being over and he was stuck in that position but he was in an even more defined A. He would scare himself at that point. Put up some of his jolly jumping ones next, the ones where he would be so loud.

  3. he was so funny! It is so neat to look back on all those videos. i wish i had some of my kids as babies.

  4. Haha, I love him "crawling".

    And I don't care, I love how loud you are.

    I used to stick things in vents all the time. Pennies and cat food is the best, it makes really fun noises. And then you put candy wrappers in there and wait until the furnace kicks in and they all come flying out.

  5. I love how hard he's trying in the first one, and how distressed he sounds trying to figure it out! I'm all for more videos. You sound adorable, it's cute. You're always so excited with your kids.

  6. Very cute! I love going back and looking at the videos I have of my kids. I don't have any of them really small, but even as bigger kids the videos are so much fun to watch.

  7. Oh my goodness, what a sweetheart!! :)

  8. That is so neat to see Ben as a baby...what a cutie!! Especially because he seems to have some chub on him too...haven't seen that before :) Thanks for sharing Becky!

  9. Can I just say that I'm glad to not be the only mama who talks in her kid's videos? I've got a friend who has a little girl, and all the videos she posts are eerily quiet, with no mama-voice in the background.


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