Well, this won't be anything mind-blowing. All I'm going to be able to manage is a newsy pictury post. I know you're jazzed, don't try and hide it.

Yesterday we skipped town and headed for the big city of Regina for a bit of R and R. We stayed at a nice hotel, took the kids to Toys R Us, and even subjected ourselves to a few hours of Chuckee Cheese. Good times were had by all. Here's the evidence:
The picture makes it look like he's in shallow water touching the bottom, but he's actually in the deep end! This is why I love hotel pools... They are small enough and usually empty enough that our kids always seem to make rapid leaps in confidence and ability in the water! I'm so proud of my little life-jacket guy, "swimming" all by himself!
Oh man, if there is one thing I love about this girl it's this smile... Of course, there are about a hundred things, and actually I could never pick just one.
And this one... Just because she is just so durned cute!


  1. That's gorgeous. I love that hotel! I've stayed there when we would go to Regina for horse shows, I recognized the pool!

  2. It was really nice. They are SUPER with kids. Set up the playpen for us, had gift bags for them, and of course everyone was SO nice. It was a nice relaxing stay.

  3. Wow....such a nice place. Looks like you really had a good time and I bet it was relaxing even with all the kids along. Sammy looks so proud of himself. Nice pictures. I like picture blogs.

  4. That picture where your son is looking out the window is breathtaking! I love hotels that have beautiful night views! :)

    Thank you for sharing these - your children are adorable!!

  5. Glad you had a good time away from everything. You deserve it.

  6. Yes it does look like you all had a good time. So happy for you that you got to get away!

  7. So good to see pictures of all three of your cuties, Sammy looks so much bigger beside Hannah! Where does she get that great red hair from? Glad you had a good time...

  8. I love those kind of R&Rs. Even if you're busy they are so relaxing. I also love pictures in blogs.

  9. That bus looks like the one Sam drove away my dream! LOL

    That looks like a fun time.


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