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I was going to post this picture yesterday under the title of "She Still Can't Sit, But She Can Do This:"
Not ten minutes after I took this picture though, I discovered her in the living room. Sitting.
It appears that she can sit, when she feels like it. And not at any other time.


  1. Man she's so pretty. I love it. I also love that pink basket you've got there. Where did you find that?

  2. Walmart. They are collapsible and cloth. They come in a few different colors. (I have green ones for the boys' room.) They are made to go with those white shelves. They fit in like drawers.

  3. Maybe she will be walking by Christmas. Who knows what other talent she is hiding.

  4. She's so talented. I can just see that basket empty all over the floor. haha

  5. Yaaaayyaaa!! She's sitting!! What a little doll.

  6. I also just cannot get over how adorable she is! I wish there was some way that I could have red-haired children. GIVE ME YOUR JEANS!

    *btw spelling mistake on purpose. So you don't think I'm dumb.

  7. NOOOO WAYYYY!! That's AWESOME! Trustin can crawl and pull himself up to standing, but he still can't sit... or CAN he?!! ... HMMMMM! That's SO funny, Beck! That Hannah.. what a precious girl! Love it!

  8. She's super sweet - so glad she's sitting for you now :)


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