More Wishing

Well, here it is. I've been working on it for a few days now, ever since Melissa posted hers. I usually do this over in my sidebar for Glen and whoever has me in the Christmas box, but since it's NaBloPoMo, and since Melissa suggested it, here it is.

My Christmas Wish List:
First of all, I need this. But I'll settle for this one if I have to, since it's about $200.00 cheaper. So... Sigh. Yes, I can definitely settle for the second one, even though the first one would be better. This lens will allow me to take clearer pictures in low light without a flash, and you know how I hate using a flash, so... I need it. Real bad. (But my lips hurt real bad!) (Star to whoever knows what movie that's from.) (Unless you're Ang. Or Glen.) (Then no star.) I would like it before Christmas though, which is a bit of a problem I guess. The reason I'd like it before Christmas is so that I can take our Christmas photos using it. Pretty please?
Bubble Bath. Shocker, I know. There's only really one option here. It has to be this brand and this size. If you get it on sale it's really not that bad. Well, okay it is, but it lasts me really long. Fine. I'll settle for a smaller size, but I'll need a candle to go with it.
I need this. Very badly. And it needs to be green. I don't care that it costs extra for the green. Now that I know there are green laptops out there, anything else would be completely unacceptable. I have, however, decided that contrary to what I said before, I am willing to wait till Christmas for this one. Or even until after Christmas. It's only a month away. I can make it.
Of course, if you get me a laptop I'm going to need something to put it on, and since Sammy broke the tray I bought for $5.00 at a garage sale, I'd like this one please. It's snazzy. But I'd totally settle for this one. Or even this one. Although, don't you think my green laptop would look amazing on the snazzy ones? Still okay on the cheaper one, because after all it's green, but... Just picture it on the first one!
I would like this scarf and mitten set, actually I would LOVE it, but it's pretty expensive. But STUNNING. So, I think, totally worth it, and actually the more I look at it the more I'm convinced it just might be the prettiest thing I've ever seen. (Ang you really have to click on the link and see the scarf done up, but only if you PROMISE not to buy it for yourself and wear it in front of me.) I will settle for virtually any scarf/mitten set since anything goes with my grey coat, but... It has to be mittens. And it has to be snuggly soft. No gloves. And no scratchy wool. I wouldn't mind a toque, but it's not necessary. I wouldn't wear it that often.
And, I only need one more season of Seinfeld to complete my collection. This one. (Why the hoink is it so cheap on Amazon? We need to draw names for the Christmas box so that whoever has me can buy it cheap in time for it to get shipped. It's way more at the store. Any store.)
If you don't feel like getting me Seinfeld, someone (I think it was Glen?) got me a season of Corner Gas last year. I'd like to have all of them eventually. Season 2 would probably be the next logical step, but as you can probably tell from the fact that I need season 7 of Seinfeld, I don't necessarily need them in order. You can buy whatever is cheapest and I'll be good to go.
I know it takes a long time to wander around looking for my traditional Christmas Eve jammies, so I've saved you (Glen) the leg work this year. I'd like these ones please. (So alluring, I know.) In pink preferably. In a 3x. (Or a 4x if they've got it. I don't think they do, but it doesn't hurt to ask.) Yes, I am aware that I am not a 3x, but I like them baggy. (Even more alluring. Hubba hubba.) (That model has Meridith hair.)
I'd also like some books. Ask my mom to help you if you're having trouble. I'd like to read that new Stephen King one, but only because I saw an ad for it on facebook. You know me, I like almost anything, and I'll probably read it even if I don't like it. I think my jammies, and my new tray thing, would go really well with this book. (I could put snacks on that tray. You should really get me that.)

And, just like Melissa, I have one last thing I'd really like for Christmas that doesn't have to cost you anything more than some planning and some time...
Yes, I know last year I only asked for thirty-six hours, but Melissa already had this nice little picture thing made and ready to go, plus we have one more kid than we did last year which has to be figured in, plus I didn't get it last year, so now I need last year's time and this year's time. I would recommend doing it this year, because otherwise next year I'm asking for sixty hours.. So... Yup.

Unlike Melissa, most of my "plans" would involve laying around sleeping and watching movies so I would definitely need to have a place all to myself, and not necessarily a vehicle. Also, I'd like to point out that almost all of the above gifts would totally come in useful if you got me this gift. And if it's important to you, I could probably work in the scarf set and the lens if I had to. Think about it. Talk to someone about it. Do something about it.


  1. I will make sure to get you some nice chap stick for your stocking but you have to get me a big star and it is no fair to cut one out of a piece of paper thank you very much.

    Man...I love that tray thingy. I wants one too!!!!

    How in the world your pajamas manage to stay on your body is a mystery too me. I have always wondered why you don't find them in a wad at the foot of your bed in the morning. Do you wear suspenders?

  2. Chap stick? Where did I say anything about chap stick?

    LOL @ the suspenders. You're delusional AND funny.

  3. ... BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! haha! I loved the last sentence in this post!

  4. In Chris's defense you did say in parenthesis that your lips hurt real bad. I have no idea what movie that is from and also thought your lips hurt "real bad".
    On another note...I definitely want the tray thingy. I bought a nice wooden tray thingy for my laptop and it lasted approximately 12 nanoseconds before the legs went all wonky.
    oh...and I debated on the green laptop, but decided to save some bucks and opt for black. I do sometimes wish I would have popped for the color.

  5. OH!!! Chapstick! Ahahahahahahaha! MOM!!! Nice. Who's the idiot now? I'm the idiot. GOSH!


    (Mom gets a star for being HILARIOUS.)

  6. She does have Meredith hair - weird! That's all I was thinking. "she wants Meredith Grey for Christmas?!"

    I don't know where the quote is from. Sigh.
    No star for me.

  7. Becky you are so funny...juding by your Mom's post I think you must have grown up in an incredibly funny home. This list is like Oprah's "favorite things" - heck you should have your own talk show; your ratings would be through the roof - just look at your blogging popularity! And then you could interview all your favorite TV stars...:)

  8. I also totally want the green Dell laptop. But I want the mini one! Do you want the mini one, too? Let's each buy a laptop and say that we got it for each other. I'd also like the purple one, too. Either one. But my green iPod would go better with a green laptop. Although green and purple do compliment each other. Hmmm.

    And... Napoleon Dynamite!

    And... my lips actually do hurt real bad. Can you bring me my chapstick?


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