School Days

Glen and I went to our very first parent-teacher interview today as parents, not teachers. Wild stuff. Happily, Ben is as good as he is cute. Our only concerns are his fine motor skills and of course, his anxiety levels. Have I mentioned before that Ben has some issues about going to school? He does. He cries a lot about it, and of course, it breaks this mommy's heart.

But he's doing well, and I know once he gets more confident it will go even better. And then, there's this adorable school picture. I'd invite you to try and convince me that there has ever been a cuter school picture taken in the history of school pictures, but it would be pointless. Nothing could convince me. That is the sweetest one I've ever seen, and it completely matches the boy on the inside, which makes it even sweeter.


  1. OH man, Beck. He is really, really cute in that picture. I don't think his skater boy look could be better than that. And that's really saying something cause I LOVE his skater boy look.

  2. Awwwwwwwwww! That IS the cutest.

  3. Oh dear that is the cutest! Well, besides my Josh's pre-school picture.:)..his kindergarten shot wasnt as cute...but Ben - try and keep those girls away! I didn't realize he wasn't liking school...please give him a hug for me!

  4. He has the kind of smile that melts your heart. You can really see the tenderness in his eyes. Maybe that's why. He is such a cute little boy!!

  5. He seems so approachable and inviting! I love little kids that are sensitive and sweet. Reagan was always like that, and they're more heartbreaking as kids, I would imagine, but they're a million times easier as teens. Ask my mom- she'll tell you that Reagan was always her perfect child. None of us can even be upset at that, he really just was. He's the perfect sibling and friend also. Ben reminds me a lot of Reagan. So sensitive and sweet. I love it. Bring him for coffee, I want to be his friend too!

  6. he is so cute and looks so grown up. What a beautiful picture. Grandma says she would really like one of those.


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