So Far This Weekend...

Wiener roast in the back yard. Awesome. (And yummy.)

Visiting with Martha. Fabulous.

Santa Claus parade with (get ready for it) Glen, Ben, Sam, Hannah, Angela, Mom, Darcie, Karson, Keenan, Sylvia, Sig, Bob, Debbie, Henry, and Esther. Perfect.

And it's not even over yet. Rider game tomorrow!


  1. That's awesome! I have never been to a Santa parade, that I remember. I love the pictures though!

  2. so glad that you put up the picture of us - I'm gonna print out the pics and put them up on the fridge so I see you guys everyday :) Glad the parade was fun!
    Mike loved visiting with Ben about all the race cars - he was just telling Jer all about the boys and visiting with them They really impressed him alot!

  3. Looks like fun. I like how the have it after dark. Very festive with all the lights!

  4. So glad you went to the traditional parade...trying to hug you from a distance...


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