I gave Sam and Ben spikey hair when I shampooed their hair today. Ben's spikes didn't even last long enough for me to get the mirror. He's very conservative, and he likes his hair "smooth" so he patted it down before I could show him how he looked. Sam, on the other hand laughed like crazy when he saw himself and made these pleased noises that he makes when he's really happy about something. Then he cried when I rinsed out the shampoo.

So afterward I broke out the gel and here is the result:

He says this is how he always wants his hair now. "Very spikey." I like it too. I think it suits his personality. If only his name was Micah...

In other news, today was Hannah's seven month birthday. Head on over to her blog for some pictures of our celebration. I'll try and get up the video footage tonight too, or for sure by tomorrow.


  1. He is very cute with his spiky hair!

  2. AWWWW... poor 'Slick Rick' didn't want his hair spikey?! heehee! Ben, Ben, Ben... you little man.
    And yes - the spikes definitely suit Sam's personality! Good stylin', mommy!

  3. OH MAN! I just checked out Hannah's blog... BOY is SHE CUTE!! MUAH!! You're a nut job, Beck with all those treats you let her eat on her birthdays... seriously - you're so much FUN! No wonder your kids are addicted to revels by age 9 months!

    p.s. I love you, my crazy girl!

  4. Sam...I just love the new hair too. You are very handsome with it.

    Ben, I love you just the way you are. You are handsome enough without the spikes.

  5. The spiky hair is great and looks great on Sam. Hannah's blog was very cute, too! The tongue thing is hilarious!

  6. Sammy looks soooooo super cute!!!!!
    It does suit him:)

  7. Oh, he is so cute! I love spiky hair on little boys! :)

  8. Oh my! What a beautiful header you have on your blog.

    I found you through a lovely comment you left on my blogpost and I wanted to say thank you. It woke me with a smile. :-)

    I have a Sam, who was very nearly a Ben!


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