Okay, I know. It's been a lot of YouTube and photos and stuff, but Mom posted this video over on her site which led to a flurry of googling on my part, which ended up leading me to this video:

Isn't that the coolest? LOL. I lurv it. And I lurv that dumb piano playing cat. And since I was awake anyways, I figured I could get today's post out of the way.

I'll bet that cat can hear all that music when it's playing. Just look in its dumb cat eyes and tell me it isn't hearing violins and flutes. (This reminds me of something Ang read me this summer. Ang, I'm gonna want to borrow that book when I get there, so I can post that thing about the reading cats on here. I'm laughing again just thinking about it.)

And if you didn't listen to the whole thing, and thought you could get the gist of it after the first minute or so, you were wrong. Go back and play the whole thing. And stop being so impatient and judgy. Just listen to it.


  1. I loved that! Aw man, I should have checked to see if they had any new videos. That conductor did a great job of writing music to go with what the cat plays. That was...hmmm...just made me feel all happy. Now I don't know. I think it beats the star wars video.

  2. Okay, sorry, I just had to.

    I remember when I first saw these videos (not this one in particular) a while ago, and it was like... goodness sakes, cats don't play piano! But... it's cute! That one part, just before 3 minutes... that happy little melody! It was so nice!

  3. My cats used to play the piano, too. Right before they voted on the pet reduction act. haha.

  4. The part I find the funniest is that he seems to be saying to the other cats, "NO...this is MY piano".

  5. Bwaaa hahahahaha Snort lol rolling on the floor lol hahahahahah hoot hoot at Mo and Avaelyn.

  6. I'm glad you think Carrie is funny. I'd just like to point out though, that a certain ten-year-old that I know made the same joke on facebook. Which makes it... Rather... Lame?

    Of course, we all know I like lame and in fact, think lame is the new cool.

  7. Lame IS the new cool. It's a fact.


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