Tonight's post brought to you by: Procrastination

This counts.

Maybe I'll make it up to you later. Maybe not.


  1. it counts..
    there are words and you posted it!!


  2. Yup...quantity not quality. You said it yourself.

  3. I'm waiting for the make-up assignment or I'm giving you an "F".
    So there!

  4. This seems to be a trend.

    Let's play Balderdash.

  5. This is a trend. My post was lame tonight. Must be a full moon or whatever they say.

    Ooooh. yes let's play. Think we could get an online game going?

    Okay - word is Borborygm.

    Except I just realized you could probably google it - thus rendering the game kinda useless. Blast. Okay - don't google. Or don't play. Why am I up right now? Oh yeah. Mario. Come over and play Mario!

  6. Okay, we could totally do this! Okay, honestly... who wants to? I will totally make a Balderdash blog, I know exactly how to set it up. I'm going to blog about it right now.


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