Crazy week. Cuckoo crazy. I'd write it all out here, but it always makes me a little nutz to read posts where people list off all the stuff they've accomplished. Especially if I've accomplished nothing.

I finished packing and loading the van. That's all that really matters. It's been hard, the last while, and every day seems to get harder. How does a person pack for their first ever Christmas without their Daddy? I'll tell you how. They put it off till the last possible minute and then wildly throw everything together in a big rush.

Tonight I am doing what my Gramma Newson calls "eating and eating". And some drinking and drinking. (Not that kind of drinking. Just regular drinking.) I'm hoping if I eat and drink tons tonight I won't be too hungry or thirsty tomorrow. If I weren't driving I wouldn't worry about not being allowed to eat or drink till after my dentist thing, but I always get so hungry when I'm driving, don't you?

And speaking of dental things, it's tomorrow at 2:45. Pray I don't die. (I really shouldn't have googled. When will I learn?) Hopefully it will go well, and in a few days I'll be feeling fab minus eight teeth. Either way, by this time tomorrow it will all be over but the crying.

So I'll talk to all of you once some of the drugs wear off. Peace out.

(Wait. What if I die? I can't have "peace out" be the last thing I write on my blog. Yes, I am that morbid. And that paranoid.)

Love you all.


  1. I really think you should blog high. Or at least call me on the phone. I do recall people calling me while I was high on demerol and telling them about some guys "package" I saw in a movie and that I couldn't believe they were showing it because male nudity is not a prominent thing in mainstream movies. Then confessed that I replayed it about 7 times. My favorite part was when I realized that I still couldn't feel my face. But I'm sure that won't happen to you.

  2. did you pack balderdash? better double check. because i don't want you to forget it. it needs to happen this year. absolutely needs to happen.

  3. LOL...at Travis.
    Well, at least on my post I made sure to note that while quite busy I accomplished little or nothing.
    Here's hoping your dental thing will go well. I am sure it will. Google or not, I think you will be just fine.
    I'm sure you will live to write more blogs, so...
    Peace out!
    Love you!

  4. best of luck - will be praying for you that all will go well!

  5. Hi Martha, I can't read your blog. My email is angtron@gmail.com

  6. Ang got demerol? I'm jealous. My narcotics are already not cutting it. Sigh. I wish I was unconscious.


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