Twelve Days

Well people, it's that time of year again. Time for Becky's Twelve Days of Christmas. Only, I'm thinking I might pass on it this year. For two reasons:
  1. I'm not sure I can come up with twelve favorite things for twelve days in a row. If you hadn't noticed during NaBloPoMo, I tend to end up with a large quantity of depressing posts when I have to post every day.
  2. I have dental surgery booked on the 18th, and I'm thinking that I won't feel much like posting after having eight teeth removed. (Four wisdom, two baby, and two impacted adult teeth. Sounds fun, yes?)
I still have till tomorrow to decide though, so we'll see. I just looked through last year's list and came across this post, so now I'm crying. A year ago today at around this time, Mom and Dad would have been getting ready to go home to Saskatoon after popping in for a visit on their way home from Seattle...

I think I'll spend some more time agonizing over my upcoming dentist's visit. It's going to be a cake-walk compared to... Other stuff.

Blah. I hate how whiny and depressed I've been lately. It's depressing.

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