Haiti Help: UPDATED

I couldn't believe this poll could be right when I first saw it. I went back to the homepage and clicked again just to be sure.

As I see it, this poll and the comment underneath it sum up the problem with our world today perfectly and almost entirely. Basically it's this: "Someone else will help them, I've got my own problems right here." Really and truly appalling. I'm ashamed to be from Saskatchewan today. I know it's just a poll, but still. 72% of the people who answered it can't be bothered to make even a small sacrifice of time and finances to help people who's lives have been torn to shreds. (At least they're honest right?)

Just another heartbreak in this stupid messed up world of ours. It makes me cry.

Here are a few links to organizations that are helping in Haiti, in case you're not made from the same cold hard mold as the majority of the people who answered this poll:

Red Cross
World Vision
Doctors Without Borders

UPDATE: I've been schooled today. At the beginning of this post I wrote that I thought the problem with our world can be summed up in one sentence. I missed a second one. "They wouldn't help me if the tables were turned." That is the response from more than one commenter on the poll. I really, can't even believe it. This day has reminded me of why I don't usually watch/read the news. When I do, I just end up feeling hopeless in the face of so much nastiness. I feel sick. And sad.

I'm going to go play Sims, where everyone is thin and good-looking, and a maid comes to clean my house, and no one is mean to each other because I'm the boss and that's how I programmed them, and if they aren't nice I just delete them. It's probably a very good thing that I'm not God today.


  1. Polls like this make me ashamed to be a Canadian, or from a wealthy country etc. But it made me proud to be part of your family.

    If you go to Red Cross, the receipt takes a long time to show up too, or doesn't show, because of the traffic, but the donations are going through. They'll take as little as five dollars.

    There was a disclaimer on the site that said "in the event that we get more funds than the disaster calls for, the excess will be directed to other relief efforts." And I had to wonder how often that happens. Not much, I would imagine.

    I also love how people are happy to take ownership of their government in situations like this. That's MY money they're giving. Really? Okay, but that's also your money that's used to fund abortions. Or the distribution of crack pipes downtown. We're not so quick to own that one.

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  3. Take heart. The people who are giving their money are too busy doing so to answer a stupid poll. My husband and I call those on-line polls "wacko polls". This will cheer you up. A little girl in our school in Regina (I am on the board) led a bake sale fundraiser and raised $1,800 in two days. (school pop approx. 300). So today at the board meeting, we passed the hat and in this cashless, debit-card-driven world, got another $110 in about 5 minutes. I got to be the one to hand it over to her and could barely get any words out. Her eyes were so wide and her gratitude so heartfelt, it made me feel that all will be well with our world. $2,000 bucks isn't much but it may change a Haitian child's life and I know this girl feels so empowered by her personal efforts. Imagine the possibilities!


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