Hannah Grace

When I was around ten my mom showed me this doll in, I believe, the Canadian Tire flier, and asked me if I wanted one for Christmas. I said no. I thought they were ugly. Sadly for me, that doll was the most popular doll that Christmas, and most of my friends showed up with one at school in January. And then they showed up with them at birthday parties, and sleepovers, and pretty much everywhere for years after that.

And I couldn't bring myself to ask for one, even though by then I really wanted one, and had decided that they were cute... Too embarrassed.

So Hannah had to have one. And Abbey. I ordered them online, the 25th anniversary ones, so that I could get ones that looked like their cute little owners, and so that I could name them and have birth certificates with Hannah and Abbey's birthdays on them. (Don't you think Hannah Grace and Abigail Dawn are perfect names for Cabbage Patches? I do.)

Anyways. I only had one problem. The closest doll I could get to looking like Hannah had either pale skin, red hair, and GREEN eyes, OR it had tanned skin, red hair, and blue eyes. I went with the tanned one hoping that in real life it wouldn't look as tanned as it did in the picture. When we got it, it looked more tanned. Sigh. This was disappointing to me and I thought about it often as Christmas got closer. The only thing was, of course, it was ridiculous to think of buying another doll. I'd already spent enough. But she was just SO tanned and Hannah is SO pale...

And then I snapped. I had found this website that will restore or customize your Cabbage Patches. So I ordered Hannah a new doll. The one with the green eyes. And I sent her in to the Cabbage Patch Spa to get some blue contacts.

I got this picture in my email yesterday to confirm that Hannah Grace had safely arrived and was being well looked after:
LOL. Oh man, Karen (the lady who does this) really knows how to run a business. I wanna order more things to be done to Hannah Grace just to see what pictures I get back. I can't wait till she is sent back all ready for Hannah's first birthday.

And yes, I do see how completely over the top this is, and that I've completely lost my mind. Also, is anyone interested in a red-haired, blue-eyed, tanned cabbage patch named Isabella Glynda? Because I happen to have one to spare.


  1. You know, I've actually been to Cleveland, GA, where I got to "watch" Cabbage Patch kids being born! The reason their names are always so strangely paired is that the people watching the cabbage patch births get to suggest names.

    But I never actually owned a Cabbage Patch doll before, either!

  2. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much I love this. Actually you probably do! I too own a 25th edition. I bought one for myself for Christmas last year - I got one the exact replica of the one I got for Christmas in 1983 :) I also got one for my sister and her little one. That pic of Hannah Grace at the Spa will make me smile for some time!

  3. Jenn! I remember yours! LOL. I was so jealous and too proud to admit that I'd changed my mind and ask my mom to get me one.

  4. I love the original Cabbage Patch dolls. All of my children owned them even Sean and David. Jeren never got one because by the time he got here, it was no longer fashionable to have a Cabbage Patch doll. David actually got two, but I don't remember why and Sean got the preemie one because he (Sean) was so small when he was born. In fact I had to buy preemie clothes for him even though he was not premature. He was only 4lb, 11oz and only 17 inches long. I had to cut all my diapers up (cloth in those days) in order to use them because if I tried to fold them his butt would be four inches off the bed, LOL. Sean's Cabbage Patch preemie baby still wears the little blue sleeper that was Sean's.
    I love the picture of Hannah Grace at the spa. I will have to look at those 25th edition dolls.
    You don't sound over-the-top to me at all.

    worsap is my verification for today. Why didn't they just go ahead and make it worship? Craziness.

  5. Oh Sheila, I love how one of the most over the top (with awesomeness) people I know is telling me I'm not over the top!

    Since you say I'm not though, I'm thinking Hannah Grace will probably need a birthday dress. (I love online shopping!!!)

  6. I had a newborn cabbage patch doll(I actually still have him) and his name was Oddly Gerard...never could understand why they would name him that. I sent away to get his name changed but I never got the new birth certificate...I was really disappointed

  7. I LOVE THIS! You can send them away?! They send PHOTOS?!?!

    I never should have come here. I need the website Becky. NEED IT. But don't tell me until next month. My anniversary is this month and it's gonna be GREAT! Almost as great as a cute little cabbage patch doll named Isabella!!! (I'd take yours but the green eyes would never fly)

  8. oh crap. just saw the link.

    somebody should cut up my credit card.

  9. LOL.

    And the spare has blue eyes. Red hair, blue eyes, soother, and tanned. Doesn't really match Bella other than the name.

    Although... I could mail her to you and you could send her to the spa for new eyes AND new hair. And then we'd get to see what kind of pictures you get when your doll gets new hair!!!!

  10. (Bella has brown eyes right?)

  11. (Now I need to go look at pictures...)

  12. I'm so trying to resist the urge to say I want Isabella. How much?
    it takes an over-the-top to know one, lol!
    I love online shopping, too, but man I want to make Hannah a dress.
    Got any suggestions for a style?
    And can you send me her EXACT measurements?

    straphor (is that a strap hor? or a straph or?, LOL)

  13. She's so brown though!! And the SPA! Ohhhh.

    Funny stuff. Okay - I have something that you are going to find too funny for words. In talking to Peter about getting a Cabbage Patch doll, he got all funny and said that they never had them as kids, weren't allowed. WHAT?! I made sure he know which dolls I was talking about. He said they were creepy. I pestered him until he told me that his parents had heard rumors of the dolls becoming possessed and "coming to life". We Googled.

    I guess there were stories in certain religious circles about the dolls coming to life and doing terrible things. Oh man, at this point I'm laughing so hard and trying not to tease him mercilessly. I didn't do very well. When he realized that there was a lot of urban legend stuff about it, he laughed and said that it was kind of funny and I could get one for Bella for her birthday. But every time we look at dolls he finds them creepy and I just KNOW it's because of these stupid stories.

    Oh man. I love Peter. So so funny.

    I'm for the spa. Especially for the photo of her getting her hair dyed or changed or whatever. Too cute.

  14. Oh Becky, this is so funny!! I too had "secretly" wanted one as a child but didn't want to admit it - I thought I was too "old" by then, what was I, 11 or 12? Gosh, but yes, I too was looking at them at Christmas time but couldn't find one that suited Madeline. But I will definitely look at that website! Amazing picture...that is so incredibly funny....and you know Becky, we moms of two boys and then "miracle" girls deserve to be over the top, don't you think? :)

  15. But I got you that custom made cute doll that kind of looked like a Cabbage Patch but cuter and may I say more money. Did you not love her? Sigh...

    To have that photo of the spa is totally worth everything. LOL

  16. Of course I loved her. And she was WAY cuter than a Cabbage Patch. (Still is. Still have her.) Part of the appeal of having one had to do with being like everyone else though. So...

  17. I just happened on your blog while searching for information about the CPKSpa done by Karen and was wondering if you had any information on how to contact her or anything. I sent two of my children's Cabbage Patch dolls to her almost a year ago to be restored and I have not been able to contact her (e-mails come back undeliverable) and her website is down.

    I spoke with someone who used to make dresses for Karen's dolls and she also said she could not contact Karen and that Karen had some of her dolls. We are just very confused.

    One doll is especially meaningful to me since I bought it for my daughter when my son was born a preemie and in the nicu. I have photos of the doll and my preemie (who is now almost 4) and was hoping to always have that doll as a keepsake...anyway, sorry for the super long comment!

    I hope you got your Hannah Grace back and any information you have on what happened with Karen would be so appreciated.

    Thanks so much,


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