Not That Hard to Interpret

You know when you have a nightmare and it's so scary that you have to turn on all the lights when you wake up and you're scared to go back to sleep, and yet when you try to tell someone about it, it really doesn't sound that scary, even to you?

Last night I dreamed the basement at Mom and Dad's was flooding. It was terrifying.

It started with the usual sort of dreamy gibberish. All of us "girls" were having a sleepover in the basement. Gramma Newson was even there. Wearing her Snuggie. Ang was causing trouble by refusing to wear pajamas to bed... Claiming she couldn't "get comfortable" unless she was au naturale, and this was was the reason she couldn't stay the night with the rest of us. I went upstairs for a while, and when I came back down everyone was gone.

I walked into the laundry room to discover Ang bailing water with a shovel, and Dad trying to fix the hot water heater. I started laughing at all the water, and the way Ang was uselessly flinging it up into the air with her dumb shovel, and Dad said, "Don't laugh. This is more serious than you can see."

And I asked, "Isn't there someone you can call to fix it? Or turn it off or something?"

And Dad said, "By the time they get here, it will already to be late."

And by then, I could see that he was right. The water was gushing up from the floor and it was already almost up to my knees. I ran through the water to my room, which is (or was when I lived there anyways) in the basement, and started grabbing things and throwing them up onto the front lawn through my window. For some reason Aimee Penner (I went to elementary school with her) was there and I yelled at her to help me. I grabbed all my pictures first. I thought with relief of my bible at home safe in Yorkton, which was strange since for some reason I still lived in Martensville and had all my stuff there, but I was picturing my bible where it is actually sitting right now here in the living room.

As the water got higher, I started to panic, and worked even faster to get all of my favorite things out of my room. After my pictures, I grabbed my flute and guitar and music stand and gave them to Aimee to put out the window. She got the music stand stuck somehow and started crying, so I had to stop what I was doing and help her with it, and then help her climb out the window.

By now the water was almost to my waist and I was grabbing all my stuffed animals off of the shelves. As I shoved them through the window I was so terrified. I could feel my heart racing and that sick panicky feeling starting to overtake me.

And while I frantically threw my favorite things up out of the window, I thought, "This feels so much like a nightmare, I can't believe this is really happening, I can't believe I'm not going to wake up from this and everything will be okay..."

And then I woke up.


  1. Not at all hard to interpret.

  2. I'm sure you must have seen how it all ties into what you are going through as you wrote it...I'm so sorry you had to experience it like that in a dream, and so glad you were able to "escape" the flood at least...I love you!

  3. I agree - not hard. Yucky dream.

    Sometimes I wish I didn't have dreams anymore. Even the good ones where my dad is in them - cause I always have to wake up.


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