The Sales Pitch Strikes Again

Tonight on the way home from (super fun) bowling, and from picking up my (hurrah!) fixed laptop, Glen was explaining to Ben why Mommy was mad at (the idiots at) Del. It went something like this:

"Mommy's computer got broken and she asked the people from the factory where the computer came from to fix it, but they said it would cost lots and lots and LOTS of money. So we asked Uncle Dale to fix it and he did and it only cost a little money!" (I am totally calling Del this week and telling them off.)

At which point Sammy breaks in with, "I wish I had ninety ninety-five money!!!!"

And Ben contributes something like, "I wish I had a million moneys!"

But Sam is still talking. "... And then we could get that machine slap thing, that slap chop, right?"

And I realize he wishes he had $19.95. So he could get one of these. I swear, that ad was specifically written for impressionable little boys. It was already pretty adorable, but then he said, "It's so easy boys can do it!" and took it from just pretty adorable to just SO STINKIN' adorable.

You should have heard how excited he was when I told him we already have one and when we get home tomorrow I'll let him chop stuff with it.

(If this post seems like something you've read before it is probably because of this post.)


  1. Josh is the same way...he will watching TV and everything looks appealing. He will be zoned right out, watching an ad for a wheel chair or something for the elderly and say "we need one of those!"...he's such an easy sell!

  2. This conversation JUST happened between Noah and myself as I was standing at the counter chopping vegetables for a salad.

    "Mommy, we should get that chop thing."

    "The Slap Chop?"

    "Yeah, the Slap Chop."


    "We have tuna, right Mommy?"

    "Yup. We have tuna."

    "Boring tuna?"

    "Yes, buddy, we have boring tuna."

    Oh man. I almost called you on the spot. I'm still laughing.

  3. Love it. I love your kids. Both of you.

  4. He must have the WHOLE commercial memorized. I love it. He is the funniest kid ever.

    Boring tuna. LOL.


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