You Owe It All To ME

Well,I know some of you are feeling very happy with Sidney Crosby right now, and that's okay. But the person you should really be happy with? Is none other than... ME!!! That's right!

How come?

Here's my story, the real story of Canada's most golden gold medal...

I tried to watch the game this afternoon. It got too intense for me, plus I always feel a little bit like if I watch a game, the team I want to win will lose... (Like what happened
last time I watched a big game.) So, I left the room during the last five minutes. I could hear the crowd cheering as the clock wound down, but I wouldn't watch. Till I knew it was the last few seconds, when I said to myself, "You can't miss this! It's a historic win! Just go watch the last few seconds. Watch them win!" So I did. And I KID YOU NOT. The SECOND I walked back into the room the States scored. All because of me.

So I left. We packed up our kids to go grocery shopping, and I KID YOU NOT... We left, and minutes later, Sidney scored, all thanks to me.

You're welcome Canada.


  1. I'm proud of the part you played! I think most of the credit needs to be given to Grandma though! She told Mom that she actually prayed that Canada would win the game!!!

  2. Sorry Cindi. I'm not buying it. Didn't you READ what I wrote? In sports, superstition wins over prayer every time. It's a fact. I don't make the rules.

  3. beck. while i do appreciate you leaving the room so that we could win. prayer is also an important part of the game. i mean, did you not see the hockey prayer i had as my facebook status on friday? it worked then.

  4. Mom put garlic on the tv after uncle kent cursed the game by going all duel on us and cheering for the US.

  5. I think there were a lot of American Grandmas praying too. However does God choose one grandma over the other another. Just wondering?

    Anyway...I know what it was not. It was not the garlic I put on top of the TV after Kent and Dustin cursed the team wanting the score to be tied simply to make for a more exciting game. It was not my troll dolls because I don't know where they took off too. They have been out gallivanting around I guess. They never seem to be around when I need them most. It might have been Mikes Canadian Olympic gloves cause he put them on just before the last goal was scored. The frantic flailing of his arms and covering of his eyes cause he was too scared to look may have helped too. I agree Becky, not looking helps but you probably did not have to go away, just cover your eyes and wear red mittens with white maple leafs on them.

  6. I'm thankful to you Becky.

    I firmly believe with everything in me that in major sporting events, God sticks his fingers in his almighty ears and goes "la-la-la-la-la" until it's over. Because he doesn't care who wins. Not one bit.


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