Ring Those Phones

Things in our house are pretty miserable right now. I'm sick. All the kids are sick. Hannah is miserable. Sam is miserable. Ben is trying to cheer them up, but not very successfully. Just now Sam was crying because he wants to play Nintendo, and Ben was trying to give him a Lego creation he made just for him.

Me: Sammy if you can stop crying you can go play.
Sam: I am! I am stopping!
Ben: Here Sam. Here Sammy I made this for you!
Sam ignores Ben and tries to get past him.
Glen: Sam that's not very nice.
Ben: See Sammy? I made this for you!
Sam: It's borning. (Boring.)
Me: Sammy. You be nice. Tell Ben thank-you.
Sam: Thank-you very much Ben, but it's borning.

What can you do with a kid like that? Mostly laugh. Monster.

Telemiracle is on TV right now. I almost forgot about it till Aunty Susan reminded me on facebook. I remember the day Mom and I went into the Telemiracle office in Saskatoon to drop off some final papers and to inform them that Dad hadn't made it... And the girl at the desk cried. That's the kind of people that are working down there. People who really care about the people they are helping.

And they helped us. They paid for Mom and Dad's trip out to Seattle both times, and for their expenses while they were there. Which was a LOT. They made it possible for them to go out there for Dad's treatment twice, without taking out a HUGE loan. They couldn't take away all the stress, and they couldn't make Dad better, but they took away a lot of the worry over finances, and until you are there you can't understand what that means to a family who has more worries than they know what to do with.

So if you get a chance, and if you haven't done it already, call Telemiracle and make a donation in Dad's memory, to help some other family that has more worries than they know what to do with.


  1. Oh Sammy!! What a funny little guy!

  2. I love your kids. They should have their own reality show:)

  3. Kids are so funny... and honest :)

  4. Telemiracle is so great...I remember those telethons so well from when I lived there and it is so incredible to hear how they helped your family...and how personal they are! But that isn't surprising at all...so glad your Dad had that resource!
    Sammy just kills me! So does Ben, could there be two bigger opposites? Thank God for kids; they give us a laugh every day!


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