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Before I get started on the real reason for this post, I have to say: I love our neighbourhood. It feels like such a "neighborhood". It's very neighborly. Because it's not really a drive, almost a crescent, there isn't very much traffic. Well, not vehicular traffic anyways. There is a LOT of walking and bike riding and wandering done on our street. Especially by the children who live here. Which means when Ben and Sam play in the front yard, which they can do a little more safely because there aren't that many cars driving by, they attract attention.

Hold on. I'll be right back.

See that? That's what's going on right now outside. Well, actually not. I see through the window Glen bringing Hannah in right now. She has a booter.

This is what I remember our neighborhood being like when I grew up. I'm so glad we moved onto this street. It's so fab. Ben and Sam have all kinds of friends who come by to play after school, or who drop off toys that they don't play with any more on a regular basis.

Anyways. That's not what I came on here to write about. What I came on here to write about is this:

The other day I noticed that Yorkton now has Google street view. Which I love. So I immediately searched for our house, and on the way over I saw these two selling lemonade and LAUGHED. Isn't that the best street view EVER? And the funniest thing is that it is so typical of our neighborhood. You have NO IDEA how jealous I am of this. And how tickled. That bigger blonde girl selling lemonade is the same little blonde girl holding Hannah's hand in the other picture.

I asked her about it today, and she told me all about seeing the truck with the big round camera on top. And, get this, that her and her sister delivered lemonade to the driver. Ahahaha! That is SO awesome.

I love our street. And our street view.

(Here's our house, for those who are curious.)


  1. Fascinating. I bet we don't have that. Check for me and see.

  2. Who do you think I am? Of course I checked it. You do.

  3. You should do mine! I'll send you my address if you want :)

    I love seeing where people live. I'd also like a photo tour of your house please. You know, whenever you have time.

  4. Yes, send me your address.

  5. I love that street view. It's the best one I've ever seen!
    I love google earth and love to look up addresses of those I know and when I do I also look around the neighborhood and sometimes scroll around to the next town and beyond. It's incredibly interesting to me. I have no idea why. I can't believe Hannah is playing outside with the neighbor kids already. Where does the time go?

    And so you know...
    And I'm not taking it personally at all...
    My word verification is...




  6. Packwat? You're kidding right?


    Oh man. That just made my morning.

    Is your house on street view? If it is, facebook me your address.

  7. Let me check. I think it is now. I will check and send it to you.


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