What I'd Say, Today

I wanna call Dad today. I wanna phone him and tell him all about what I did. There's no one else I really want to tell. There's no one else who will appreciate it the way he would.

I want to ask him if he remembers three or four years ago when I sent one of Ben's baby toys home with him to see if he could fix it. It had these two wheels on it that had stopped turning the way they were supposed to. I can't remember now if he opened it all up and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working, or if he just never got around to it and I finally gave up and took it back home, or what.

Today I took it out for Hannah to play with. I thought of him right away. I thought of asking him to fix it years ago, and I wished he was here to ask him again.

I figured it would still be fun without the moving parts anyways. But I'm my Dad's daughter, and that didn't last long. I have the same belief in my ability to fix things that he did. His was based on a moderate amount of know-how and a little cockiness. Oh yeah, and a fair bit of stubbornness. My belief is based on almost NO know-how, a fair amount of cockiness, and a whole lot of stubbornness. (I think Dad and I would both prefer to think of it as a mixture of genius and tenacity.) So I broke out my drill, yes my drill, all fix-it jobs are bound to go better with power tools, (Dad helped me buy that drill) and took the sucker apart.

It was full of cat hair. I seem to remember Dad saying something about this at one point, so I'm betting he cleaned out at least part of it when he had it, but when we brought it home we still had cats, so once again it was FULL of cat hair. (Either that or he never opened all the parts that I opened.)

If I was telling this story to my dad right now I know the phrase "filthy animals" would have been used at least twice by now. (Once by him, and for sure once by me to tease him.) Anyways, I cleaned it out again and then I started fiddling. The motor thingy seemed to be working fine. Which was good, because if it wasn't, it would have all been over at that point. Eventually, I discovered one of the gears/wheels on the inside was a teeny bit harder to turn than the others, and I noticed a couple of tiny hairs sticking out of the center bolt thingy. So I pulled those out. Nothing. I picked at it a bit more. Then I got some tweezers and a utility knife and managed to pull out a couple more bits of hair and after about 20 minutes of picking and fiddling... It worked!

I fixed it.
I fixed it Dad.


  1. He'd be proud. I heard him talking when he was here at how great you are at fixing things.

  2. Your posts either make me laugh or cry. This one made me smile at some parts but mostly cry.
    I think he would be proud as well.


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