Sing With Me Now...

There are some songs that stick in your mind from your childhood, and when you hear them again, it's like you're right back there. Here's one that's been running (heh heh) through my head all day...

When you're sliding into home,
And your pants are filled with foam.
Diarrhea (pfft pfft), diarrhea (pfft pfft).

Ah, takes me right back to hanging out in the playhouse with Doft and Johnny and Mikey, and we'd try to remember all the verses, but when we couldn't we made up our own.

I've been amusing myself during numerous diaper changes over the last day or so, by making up some new verses:

When you're house smells like a diaper,
Cause your baby's bowels are hyper.
Diarrhea (pfft pfft), diarrhea (pfft pfft).

When you're sitting on the potter,
And it's squirting out like water.
Diarrhea (pfft pfft), diarrhea (pfft pfft).

Which quickly inspired:

When you're duelling Harry Potter,
And you're hit with Ava Poowater.
Diarrhea (pfft pfft), diarrhea (pfft pfft).

Wanna join in? Let's see who can make me spit my drink all over my keyboard. Come on. You know you want to. You know you have one percolating up there in the childish part of your brain and it's clamouring to be let out. Let it out. Because:

You don't want to go again,
But it's better out than in.
Diarrhea (pfft pfft), diarrhea (pfft pfft).


  1. Ha ha...sooo funny. I can't think of anything clever, but it reminds me of my youngest son. When he was potty training he used to sing while sitting on the potty waiting for things to happen. After that he would always sing when he was pooping and it was always a song about pooping. He made up a different one each time, seldom repeating them. LOL...sadly, I didn't think to tape it. Ahhhh...miss them being little sometimes.

    My captcha is "fased", but I'm not phased at all by your crazy post! LOL.

  2. oh, um, yeah...that should have been fazed.

  3. ROFL Give me a minute. I'll get you one. Don't worry.

  4. When you drink to much milk
    And it runs out smooth like silk....

  5. When your poo's a frequent flyer
    Speeding through the ring of fire

    We are officially in the same boat here. The only difference is I'm wishing for the ease of diapers. Accidents in panties are such a mess to clean up!!!

  6. You're climbing up a ladder,
    And in your pants you feel a splatter...

    When you've visiting your auntie,
    And you suddenly fill your panties...

  7. When a seagull in the air
    Drops a mess on your hair


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