Warm Fuzzy

I'm holding Ben on the couch. He's crying because Sam fell on him, and bumped the sucker in his mouth, and hurt "his neck".

Me: You smell like the fire Benny.
Ben: I do?
Me: Yup. See? Smell my hair. I bet it smells like fire too.
(Ben smells my hair.)
Ben: It doesn't. It just smells like it always smells.
Me: It does? What does my hair smell like?
Ben: Like flowers.

And I melt a little. If he only knew, he could ask me for anything right now, and I'd get it for him. Just to make him as happy as he makes me.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS SAKES! That made me a bit teary. He's the sweetest boy, I wish I knew him.


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