Sammy: Here Mommy! I brought you a surprise! (Pulls a cookie from behind his back.)
Me: Oh... A cookie! Thanks buddy, but I don't really want one right now.
Sammy: But I want you to eat it. (Uh huh. He wants me to eat it because then he can eat the one he's hiding in his other hand behind his back.)
Me: Mommy doesn't really feel like having a cookie. How about you eat it for me?
Sammy: How come you don't want a cookie?
Me: Well, I'm not hungry for one.
Sammy: How come?
Me: Well, mommy is going to try not to eat so many cookies so I can get skinnier.
Sammy: How come you want to be skinnier?
Me: Well, don't you think mommy will look prettier if I'm skinnier?
Sammy: No. You look pretty.
Me: You like me just the way I am?
Sammy: Yeah.
Me: Oh, thanks buddy. I like you just the way you are too.
Sammy: But... You can do whatever you want.
Me: Thanks buddy.

I probably should have told him I was trying to be skinnier because it's healthier for me, but really, that's not why I want to be skinnier so it didn't pop into my head quickly enough.


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