A Year

Missing you. And thinking of where you are and what you are doing and seeing... And reminding myself that this endless wait is not as endless as it seems.


  1. what a beautiful song. Love you.

  2. Been thinking of you and didn't realize the date had already passed. This is a beautiful song, thanks for posting Becky; I think you are very brave about it all...

  3. That is such a beautiful song.

  4. hi, i want you to know that sometimes when i have bad days i come home and i wish i could hear dad give me some words of advice or anything at all really. i come to your blog because it makes me feel close to him still because you write about him and post songs and thoughts and it helps me. so, i know that sometimes you think that possibly you are dewling on it and don't have anything to post because he's all you think about. i do too, but i can't write it down. so i come here and it helps me sit and cry and close my eyes and imagine he just patted me on the back. and even though it hurts so much when i do this to myself, there's no other feeling i would rather have.

    love you.


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