It's almost midnight! How does this keep happening?

Okay. Here's the post.


I got nothing. I'm gonna go back to watching my movie.

This still counts.


  1. Good thing I forgot the time and phoned you a couple of minutes before midnight. LOL


  2. oh, you know who!November 11, 2010 7:53 AM

    Hey Hussy...
    I just tuned into your blog after not being here for ages...
    and I see you are stumped for topics...
    so I'm hear to do a little brainstorming for you.

    Use what you must:

    - ear wax sculpturing
    - How to learn to love Tim Hortons
    - The good things about Yorkton
    - My days and nights as a rapper named "Neopolitan Ice"
    - Things students do to drive teachers crazy
    - Spandex: Friend or Foe
    - How to function on little sleep
    - Karaoke fiascoes
    - The vicious cycle coined as 'fund raising'
    - Housework. Who needs it?
    - am I a Hoarder?
    - Glee.
    - My life is a musical that I call " "
    - A list of the demands my children put on me in a day
    - Future Prophecy - My life in 5 years if I had it my way
    - What is it about drinking Caesars that makes life look so stinkin' good?
    - I missed my friend's birthday. again.
    - Songs that shouldn't be played on the radio
    - Bad ideas
    - Did you see .... on Oprah?
    - useless forwards that people send
    - Thank God I don't have to do report cards!
    - stupid things I've seen other people do in public

    : ) go write me an email! I'd love to hear from you!

  3. oh, you know who!November 11, 2010 7:58 AM


    I am hear?
    I am hear to help you?

    eye appear two bee in homonym hell.
    peas send help.

  4. I truly hate and no longer participate in ANY fund raisers. Not even if it's my grandchildren. I read an article about how one mom changed the way her school's PTA raised money because of being fed up with fundraisers. I especially HATE people who bring their children's fundraisers to work and sell for them. I refuse to even look at the stuff. It makes me very grumpy. Just give the PTA ten dollars and they can use the WHOLE ten dollars instead of the 25 cents they usually get.
    ok...stepping down from my soap box now.
    You have to admit, though, whoever that is...they gave you lots of stuff to write about. Just start at the top and work your way down.


    Zeride down the mountain was a little scary.


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