Bad Mood

Mad at the world today. I have lots of days like this. I walk around and see old people having coffee with their friends and feel mad. I see some guy driving a junker of a truck around, and he has white hair and the window cracked open and he's smoking, and I feel really mad. I saw this couple Christmas shopping for their grandchildren. Mad. Fuzzy Rider blanket in the mall. Furious. Maple leafs P.J. bottoms in Zellars. Mad. Status updates on facebook about this weekend's big game, even my own, make me angry. Cute picture of Hannah in her church clothes. Mad. The retired guy who lives across the street shovelling his already perfectly shovelled driveway. Really stinking MAD.

With a crap load of sad thrown in just for kicks.

And you know what? I'm having a good day compared to a lot of people who just lost loved ones in car accidents this weekend. Which somehow, just makes it all suck a little bit more.


  1. That might actually be a step forward, my dear Becky. Sometimes mad is what moves us beyond and helps us to cope and clears our brain. Sometimes mad is what brings change and growth. At least if you are feeling mad, you are feeling something! Just be sure to direct that energy that mad gives you into something you want to accomplish so you can also feel accomplished. Give it a reason to exist and a means to diffuse



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