A Day in Links

Well, the day in photos isn't going to happen. I'm grumpy and I think I'm getting sick.

But so that we still get to compare and contrast here is a quick break down of the day with some corresponding links, just so that you don't feel jipped:

  • Spent the morning in bed watching Toopy and Binoo with Sam and Hannah, and trying to read my book.
  • Got a speeding ticket taking Sam to preschool.
  • Came home and ate cake for lunch to make up for missing it last night, and to cheer myself up while I wrote a cheque to pay the ticket.
  • Picked up Sammy, who learned some awesome Taekwondo moves and taught them to Hannah.
  • Picked up Glen from school, and took my new route home, avoiding all school zones because I am physically incapable of driving 40km/hr while teenagers speed past me.
  • Took a nap while Glen got the kids McDonald's for supper because our kitchen is a mess from renovating, and neither of us were in the mood to exert any energy making something the children won't eat anyways.
  • Watched some more Toopy and Binoo with Hannah in bed, while the boys played Nintendo, and Glen went to the Terriers hockey game to set up whatever it is he sets up for them.
  • Watched Raising Hope while eating microwaved McDonald's.
  • Wrote this post for nablopomo.
And there you have it.


  1. I liked the photo blog better.
    I like your badge, too. The black and white typewriter just did nothing for me at all.


    Is that like a first run exorcism? Or a test to see if you can exersize?


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