A Day in Photos

Woke up. Blah. Too early. I am not used to this and I don't like it.

Got up. Happily, my sick cousin Erika (who stayed the night to avoid more puking on the side of the highway) wasn't as sick as last night, so I rushed her out the door along with the children. She had to have her Timmies, so we stopped off there. While she ran in, because the drive thru was WAY too long, I ran into Booster Juice. Came out. No Erika. Ditched Erika with plans to meet on the highway. Then was ditched by Erika, and followed her to Regina, before saying goodbye at Balgonie. The drive, except for the places that were super foggy, looked like this:

Got to Regina. Barely on time. Dropped off the Ben and Sam and Hannah at Angerama's. I have no picture for that part, because I was in a big hurry.

Drove to the dentist. Again, no picture, well, actually lots of pictures were taken, but I didn't take them, and I wouldn't show them to you even if I had because no one wants to see close-ups of my teeth. (Or lack of teeth.)

Back to Ang's to get the children. No picture. Because I hadn't thought of this whole "Day in Photos" thing yet. I only have a picture of what the drive looked like because I wanted a picture of the fog. I think it was pretty.

Where was I? Oh yeah, at Ang's. Then it was off to Chuck E. Cheese. (Because I promised. That's why. Stop asking so many questions.) On the way I looked for a Fabricland, because I wanted to see if they had some fabric that they ran out of here in Dorkton. I didn't find one. I did, unfortunately (ha ha, kidding, we had a fab time) find Chuck E.'s. Here's what it looked like:

Jiminy Cricket! What the froink is that in the background? Oh for... Anyways. Back on the road. Because I seriously didn't notice that Fabricland till just now when I was cropping that photo, or we would have obviously gone there. How irritating is that? I'll tell you. Super irritating.

Where? Was? Oh yeah. On the road. The drive back mostly looked like this:

Not at all boring.

Got to Yorkton and stopped for some groceries, where Ben drove into the back of my foot with one of those tiny carts and it still hurts like crazy, and to exchange some belts I bought and didn't use for Halloween. I got a scarf. Ben got a new toque.

(He was so happy, but too bad for you, I didn't think of doing this post till after he was in bed sleeping... And so I have no... Wait. Hold on a sec. I'll be right back)

There he is:

Picked up Glen from school. Came home.

Got the boys ready for soccer and went to the Gallagher center for a quick supper. Ran into some friends who joined us in a fabulous meal of rink fries and chicken fingers. I couldn't eat it. My stomach was still rolling from the gross Chuck E. pizza. Bleck. But we had a nice visit.

Soccer. It looked like this:

(Sam loves coach Dale. I do too. He's the best.)

(Okay. I have to comment here too, because Sam has the BEST soccer kick in the whole world. He makes this "POOM!" sound whenever he kicks hard and his arms shoot straight back. It's so great. Ang, you would LOVE IT.)

(And just one more of Sam. He posed like this on his own. I don't even think he knows what that finger sign means, he just did it spontaneously. I love him.)

(And here's Ben, who had a great time tonight. I don't get nearly so many pictures of him because I don't have to stay on the "field" during his practice like I do with Sammy. And because he runs all over the place "like a maniac", Sam's description, and getting a shot of him from the stands is nearly impossible. One of these days though, when I make Glen come to sit with Sam during Ben's practice, I will get a whole bunch. Did I explain that Sam has practice first, then Ben? Yes. He does. They do.)

Then back home. The kids are snacked and storied and in bed in record time so that I can play with Hannah, cook some meat before it spoils (I saved it for supper t
omorrow, it's way too late for cooking spaghetti), make Ben's lunch, have a bath, facebook, and write this post. I think I'm going to have McCain cake for supper. I would take a picture, but I don't want to shock anyone with the size of the piece I intend to cut for myself.

(I'm going to do this post again tomorrow, as sort of a compare and contrast type of thing.)

(My foot really hurts.)

(The cake will make it better.)


  1. Cake can make most things better.

    If you look at the photo of Sam posing, it looks like he is balancing on the soccer ball. Is he?

    I had to laugh at the picture in CC with Fabricland in the background.Hahahahaha!

    Life sure can be funny can't it?


  2. i do love the kick. that kid is just awesome. do they have games on the weekends?

  3. Nope. They play Monday night.


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