Done Like Dinner

I've seen a few people post this video on facebook. I like it. It gives me goosebumps actually. That is a fantastic group of singers. I was going to post it here to celebrate the end of NaBloPoMo, much like the way I did a few years ago, but I decided to post this video instead:

It makes me happy. I can't explain it, but I burst into tears when I watch it. Well, I can explain that part, I burst into tears fairly easily, and this just makes me really happy for some reason. Not the song. Not Oprah. Just all of it.

So it fits this post, because YAY! 30 posts in 30 days. Done. (Plus one.)


  1. That made you cry?


    I love you

  2. I LOVE that video. I remember when I first saw it, and I just had to watch it again and again!! You are such a kindred spirit! I miss you now. :)

  3. Wow...I LOVE that song you know. If you call my phone I have two ringback tones. One is that song. One is "Zippity doo dah".
    They are both up songs to me even though they are way different.

    That was an amazing video! It made me cry, too!


    That video was madiesse!

  4. Thanks for all the posts in November. It was fun reading them.


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