Eat Your Vegetables

I got nothin'.

So I'll tell you about how we've been punishing the children with vegetables lately...

The other day I didn't know what to make for supper, a common occurrence, so I made grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's vegetable soup. Which seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to expect children to eat.

You would have thought I offered them rat poison.

The crying. The wailing. And the gagging. GAGGING. It was completely over the top ridiculous. I admit, we don't force the boys to eat many veggies. Mostly, they just eat cucumbers and corn. And that's it. But I still didn't expect them to lose it because of some Campbell's soup. I used to love that stuff. Of course, I used to have to eat cooked peas for supper, or that veggie mix stuff. (I still hate that veggie mix. I never ever eat it.) So Campbell's the soup was like junk food to me.

So in a fit of rage, I declared that our family has a new policy. They WILL eat something they think is gross, but I think is healthy and reasonable for children to eat, once a day and things like corn and cucumbers don't count. AND they will eat it without crying and dragging out the process to last what seems like forever, or they will eat it again the next meal.

Imagine my surprise when they managed to choke down their gross veggies for three meals in a row now with almost no crying. Carrots and peas. And red peppers. Red peppers! Tomorrow Ben says he's going to eat mushrooms. For crying out loud.

Tomorrow I may break out the big guns: broccoli. If that doesn't make them cry, I don't know what will. (I love broccoli by the way, and have for as long as I can remember.) Because this little parenting exercise is no fun if they just suddenly start eating vegetables with no crying or excessive gagging. That would mean I could have done this ages ago.


  1. You would love my grandson, Logan. If you offer him candy or veggies he will take the veggies. If I make him broccoli and mac and cheese for lunch he eats every bite of his broccoli before he even takes one bite of mac and cheese. What I used to do is have three days a week where we tried a new food. I put about a tablespoon of the new food on each plate. They had to try it. They were allowed to spit it out if it gagged them, but it was always an "experiment". I played the "experiment" aspect up really high. I had questions ready. (What do you think this tastes like? Do you think this is sour or sweet or bitter or? Do you think the taste matches the color?) It was all in fun and worked quite well. I even threw in things that I detested and gagged on. The reward was always "smorgasboard" night. On Fridays I cleaned out the fridge. I heated everything up and then I made "black and white" sandwiches. I use wheat on one side and white on the other. I made egg salad, tuna, pb&j, and sometimes bologna or some other lunchmeat. I cut them up in triangles and put them on a big plate. On smorgasboard night they could choose whatever they liked and it was the only night they didn't have to eat a balanced meal.
    I hate mixed veggies, too. My mixed veggies are broccoli and petite peas mixed with a little corn. Yummy!


  2. Yay for veggies! I'd write more but my little guy is wailing in his crib and is refusing to take his morning nap. Oh my...

  3. I think that if Sam freaks over the muchrooms you shouldn't make him do it...just saying, he's like me, he's gonna hate them forever.


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