Shark Boy: Mutant Child Rises from the Depths of the Ocean

Wa? That title makes no sense. Becky has obviously completely lost all touch with reality due to the constant blogging. Oh, but it does make sense. Just you wait. It makes a horrible shocking sense, that I can barely stand to think about. (Well, maybe it's not quite that bad. I guess.)

So anyways, today Ben was reading to me and I happened to glance down at him and, "What the hoink is that in his mouth behind his teeth?" And do you know what was there? Adult teeth. Growing in behind his baby teeth!

I didn't think of taking a picture at the time, but this should give you the idea:

Okay. It wasn't QUITE that bad. That's a shark. Obviously. But that's the first thing I thought of when I saw that tiny white tooth poking out of his gums in a spot that (it seemed to me anyways) no tooth (on a human being anyways) should be.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who has had this thought when faced with the horrible reality of my child being a mutant shark-type creature.
Check out this hilarious blog post written by a mom about her own shark child.

And, apparently, this whole second row of teeth thing isn't that uncommon. (Even though, seriously, have you EVER heard of this? I haven't.)

And, apparently, my second thought, which was that his baby teeth will probably have to be pulled and once that happens the new teeth should move into the spots where they're supposed be, is pretty much right.

So, deep calming breaths till I talk to my cousin the dentist tomorrow.

Ben is stoked though. The baby tooth in front of the adult tooth that is the furthest out is a little loose, and he's heard all about the tooth fairy from all his friends. So he took my request that he wiggle it as much as possible, very well.


  1. No joke: I was just doing some more googling and looking at just the pictures of kids with teeth doing this make me want to barf a little. I find a second row of teeth DEEPLY disturbing. Don't you?

    It just looks so WRONG. I wonder what people in the middle ages thought of people with a second row of teeth? I bet it wasn't good. I'm gonna google it. I bet there isn't anything about it.

  2. David had it on the top. The only sad part being he never got braces, so they never got taken out and it caused tooth decay from them being too close. So hopefully they will fall out on their own.


  3. My bet is that the one will have to be pulled and that the loose one he will work on like crazy for the tooth fairy.

    I don't find it disturbing, just funny. LOL Sorry.

    rests: I rests may case


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