If You Have Small Children...

Don't let them watch this. It's like crack cocaine to them. Hannah is in bed right now sobbing, "Stah! Stah! Bye bye stah! Stah... Stah... ... ... Stah. Stah. Stah? ... ... ... Stah. STAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!"

I wonder how one would go about staging an intervention with a one year old?

"Hannah, we're all here because we love you. And we hate to see the way this obsession has changed you. It's all you think about. You don't want to play with any of your toys anymore. You won't eat. (Okay, you didn't eat before either, but that's not the point.) You can't even sleep at night because all you can think about is when you're going to get your next fix. And Hannah, when Twinkle Twinkle is causing a problem, maybe it is the problem. Help us help you Hannah. You have to let it go. Let the star go."


  1. It is beautiful. Sigh....

    Bye bye star, Grandma has to go to bed.

    I want to hear her sing twinkle twinkle. Have you got it on video yet. Can that be your next project?

  2. LOL - this made Violet stop crying and Oliver stood still and watched all three times in a row it was on :)

    baby crack is right - crazy...


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