I Can't Think of a Title. Can You?

I'm subbing in Ben's class tomorrow. He is SO excited. Plus it's pizza lunch tomorrow, which I would have probably brought Sam and Hannah for anyways, but it just makes the day even more exciting for him. I'm surprised he managed to fall asleep tonight.

Sigh. Someday he won't want me subbing in his class. But for now he does, and we are both looking forward to a fantastic day together tomorrow.

That's all I have for tonight. Except this:

And now you know how it all ends. That duck is such a little jerk. (I censored that sentence. I wanted to call him something that starts with p and ends with a man's name that starts with r and rhymes with a baby farm animal that hatches from an egg, but doesn't swim in a pond and isn't also the name of an Eurasian country. I like to keep things family friendly around here, and if you're old enough to figure out what that word is you're old enough to hear it.)

And seriously, what would you call this post if you had to think of a title? Which you don't. Lucky you.


  1. This one is my absolute favorite!!! I love the duck!!!

  2. ok. these are AWESOME!!!! that's what you could title this post. "Trav says this is AWESOME!" seriously, i approve of that.


    modippi. yes. modippi. might just be the best word verification EVER!

  3. I think it`s so neat that you get to sub in Ben`s class! Hope you had an awesome day!

  4. I would love to pluck that duck. I could do it too now that I know how not to pluck a duck which means that I do know how to pluck a duck. After I was finished with him he would not go out in public again for a while.

    bripl: excuse me


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